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Some Funny Jaycee Chan Photos

Here are some funny Jaycee Chan photos I collected in the past years. Enjoy.

A really dumb expression...

A really funny expression... reminds me of Chichiri from Fushigi Yuugi.

His grin really makes him funny.

Having a relaxing massage.

With this photo, I wonder if that second cousin of mine working in Hong Kong has met him in person.

Just Some Old Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu Promotion Pictures

I can't exactly remember when these old photos were taken but I remembered this in Hong Kong where my crazy godmother was lost around that place. Hee hee. Too bad she didn't trust my cousin from China who's working in Hong Kong as a tour guide. :-P

The ultra serious pose...

The two hugging one another...

I feel like playing Tekken with this picture...

Peace sign...

Jerry Yan looks jolly, Vanness Wu shows his serious side...

Drink it all if you can Vanness, but I'd rather be drinking lemonade instead.

Kelly Chen as Empress Yan Fei Er in Empress and the Warriors

From one of Kelly Chen's most action intense drama, it has to bet the film Empress and the Warriors. Why? She played a rather complex character of a woman who succeeds her father in the time of war, which she must survive her treacherous cousin Wu Ba (acted by Guo Xian Dong) who is aiming to take over the throne for himself.

She starts off as an incompetent warrior who nearly dies in battle, falls in love with Dan Lan Quan (acted by Leon Lai) and it ends up, not surprisingly a romance not meant to be. Of course it's a pretty complex story for her because, she has to defend the nation while uncovering in the process, her treacherous cousin Wu Ba's plan to plunge the kingdom into dictatorship. In the end, she chose duty over her feelings for the physician Dan Lan Quan whom she lost. However she was still able to unify the kingdom into a better era under her rule.

I did like how she tries her best even if at times, her toughness dies down, at least she doesn't overact.…

Jolin Tsai Hello Kitty Photos

Here are some old but cool Jolin Tsai promoting Hello Kitty. Enjoy.

Mandopop Queen Jolin Tsai is Ranked 12th Most Influential Personality as of 2010

It's not surprising really that Jolin Tsai should be named 12th most influential person as of late although the impact of her music in Chinese industry may not be as great as Anita Mui's. I think she has the quality music that named her as "Madonna of Taiwan" and "Britney of Taiwan" although unlike them, she doesn't do any of that lewd stuff on stage, but it has something to do with her sing and dance style of presentation.

If I'm not wrong, one of her favorite singers is the late Cantopop queen Anita Mui who called as the Madonna of Hong Kong and to some the Donna Summers of Asia. However let's avoid comparing the two since they're both great in their own respects.

Some Old Nine Stars Releasing Photos on May 2004

I have to say IMO that this is the coolest Pepsi promotion done yet and they look really cool in their outfits. However I'm not much of a soda drinker though. :-)

Remembering Pepsi Nine Stars in Jordan

It's been awhile but nostalgia time... F4 together with famous stars like Aaron Kwok, Sammi Cheng, Edison Chen, Jolin Tsai and Jay Chow's filming in a desert country like Jordan, is something I'd like to blog on, even if it's old news. Hee hee.

F4 together with Jerry Yan's co-star Sammi Cheng.

The dust is getting on them don't you think?

Hmmm I wonder how many retakes this scene had?

One of the grandest entourages ever done.

My Favorite Andy Lau Duet: Don't Say Love Hurts with the Late Anita Mui

This song has always touched me in some way, words, lyrics, hmmm... I just love the way Anita Mui and Andy Lau rendered the song for each other. They must have been in love with each other back then. Too bad though, it was never meant to be.

Never On A Sunday Cantonese Version

This is a classic 80s song given Chinese lyrics. Hmmm... I just can't get enough of viewing the 80s Chinese to see what I've missed. Also here is the late Anita Mui... sniff sniff.

Michael Learns to Rock Duets with Hu Yan Bin

Jacky Cheung's famous song "Kiss Goodbye" was given a lighter theme by Michael Learns to Rock. In Chinese New Year 2005, Michael Learns to Rock has a rather strange duet with Hu Yan Bin where there's an exchange of English and Chinese, each one however with a different meaning. Loved this so much.

Andy Lau and Sharon Cuenta's Duet "In Your Eyes"

Although Andy Lau can't speak English very well, it's kind of a nice event that he and Sharon Cuneta actually did a duet, even to film a wonderful music video together. If I'm not wrong, Sharon Cuneta had been separated from her former husband Gabby Concepcion for more than a year when their MV was filmed.

I like the song even for a pretty old one. Who says old can't be good? Without ado the lyrics written by Jim Brickman:

Male: Oh My Love
Now I Don't Know What To Say
You Take My Breath Away And I Am Yours

Female: Oh My Love
I Thought I Would Never Find
Someone To Love
With My Whole Heart And Mind

Chorus (Both):
When I Look At You
Here By My Side
All My Dreams Come True
Where Love Cannot Hide
All At Once
Where It Never Dies
Cause I See Love
In Your Eyes

Male: I Believe That This Love Was Meant To Be
Two Hearts Beat As One
In Our Sweet Destiny

Female: So Here We Are
In A Moment Lost In Time
Two Reasons That Rhyme
In Our Love For All Time

Chorus (Both)

And How Y…

Moments with the Late Charles Chan

Here are some photos of the late Charles Chan, Jacky Chan's father. Strangely, he looks like my late maternal grandfather. Now I wonder if they ever turned out to be missing siblings. :-(

Remembering the good old days, Jacky Chan and his father.

Father, son and grandson having their bonding time.

Celebrating a grand birthday... he died at 93 years old. My paternal grandmother died at 92.

Some of Jacky Chan and Joan Lin's Old Photos

Here are some rather old photos of Jaycee Chan's parents, Jacky and his wife Joan. I felt like I want to display them. Hee hee.

Photos weren't so clear back then.

A very old and classic black and white photo.

I think this is them in their home in Canada before.

Jacky Chan: Here and Then

One of my favorite childhood stars was Jacky Chan especially with how great he did action and comedy at once. He was so popular that soon enough, he made it to Hollywood and did some great American movies. Sadly I'm not much of a fan of American movies.

I enjoyed Jacky Chan in action-comedy scenes the best. My favorites were the two Drunken Master movies. Another was with the late Anita Mui namely Rumble in the Bronx. However with his serious films, I tend to berate him for his lack of expression but never for his lack of action. I just wish he would just stop doing serious films. :-P

Jay Chow Shows His Childish Side

What comes to mind when you see Jay Chou?

Talented? Cool? Suave? How about 'childish'?

While 'childish' may sound like an absurd description for the talented prince of pop, Jay really did some childish things when he was in Singapore for his concert last month.

Jay used one of his breaks in his busy schedule to double as Taiwan Apple Daily's outdoor news reporter. Accompanied by around 10 of his staff and his new group, The Drifters, Jay made his way down to IndoChine, a restaurant at Clarke Quay.

Jay joked that he went there because the Chinese terracotta warrior decorations reminded him of Fang Wen Shan, his trusty songwriter.

At IndoChine, Jay asked The Drifters' Darren and Tannick to tie their hair up a la a Chinese terracotta warrior.

"They (The Drifters) should look good in a photo here," Jay quipped.

His childish antics did not end there.

Halfway through his introduction of the restaurant, Jay suddenly asked his make-up artist (known as Ah-Du) t…

Teresa Teng as Part of World Icon Musicians?

Teresa Teng is one of the most influential singers of all time. I am not surprised by this at all. After all, her music for me will always remain an icon in the oriental market, some of her tunes are even used by American artists as well. Hmmm... it's been 15 years since her death and still, her music is well-remembered.


Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa as Heihachi Mishima

In the Tekken movie, I say that picking up Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa was the best choice so far. Why? If you've seen the Mortal Kombat film where he was Shang Tsung, he did excellent as the film's main villain. As Tekken's main villain Heihachi, he too brings the character to life with a sinister voice, a sinister look and all there is- he shows that he hasn't slowed down that easily despite his aging years. Sadly though, he didn't play much of a part.

Vic Zhou's Love You 10,000 Years Premiere Just Yesterday

Okay this is old news but hey, can't I comment? So far, I'm not surprised with this excerpt I'm posting here: (Source:

"Yesterday, Vic Chou attended the premiere event for his latest movie Love You 10000 Years, along with co-star Kato Yuki and Director Kitamura Toyoharu. More than a thousand fans from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and other places in Asia went to support the star. Vic kept himself busy in promoting his new film; He first did interviews with the media in the afternoon, attended activities organized by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau where he met with fans, and then at night, he attended the premiere of the movie. Some fans from all across Asia spent as much as forty thousand dollars (NT) just to follow Vic for two days and participate in his premiere events at Taipei and Taichung, as well as his two fan meetings."

It's not F4, it's Vic Zhou that's getting the atten…

Belated Condolences to Dai Si Chung

I can't believe that this incident just slipped my mind, one of my grandma's favorite music artists had died on July 17, 2010. If I'm not wrong, his funeral actually took place as of August 4, 2010 for cremation at Cape Collinson Crematorium. What's his significance? Well he mentored several of Hong Kong's best singers like Anita Mui (deceased), Leon Lai, Andy Lau, Faye Wong, Daniel Chan and Kevin Cheng.

I Agree with Taiwan's Pop Queen: Stay Out Paparazzi

The thing is the paparazzi is getting annoying and I agree with her. It's chill out for those guys! In fact, her grandparents had become the next victim and it may affect their health as well. Why? Old people need more peace and quiet than young people do and the paparazzi doesn't have any respect for anybody, especially with taking pictures of actresses while they're in their most private moments. I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days, she'll sue them for indecently exposing her privacy which would be just a good way to teach those guys a lesson.

Some Kwai Lun Mei with Food Pics

Here are some Kwai Lun Mei with food pictures. Enjoy.

If I'm not wrong, she's holding some pickled radish. Yum.

Although she's not pretty, she's a sweet girl. This cake looks great.

Vic Zhou Sings "Love You Ten Thousand Years"

Vic Zhou for his movie of the the same title, is performing the old classic Chinese song "Love You Ten Thousand Years". I kind of think that this is trying to revive the old Chinese movie themes, because he reminds me now of the old Shaw Brothers movies or the 80s movies my grandmother used to watch. This however has a little beat of fast touch.