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Rin Takanashi Pictures I Found as of November 26, 2013

I just love Rin Takanashi's blouse in here... she really looks gorgeous.  

Esther Liu Pictures I Found as of November 25, 2013

Here's more screenshots of Esther Liu in Ai Qing ATM.  She's really a beauty.

Tori Matsuzaka for LaLaport Christmas

Well the season is almost near and I guess this guy is on the holiday list...

Vanness Wu and Snoopy

Well here's a picture of Vanness Wu and a Snoopy mascot.  Well a Super Sentai fan might mistake this to be Joe Gibken.

Congratulations to Aaron Kwok for Winning the China Image Best Actor in London

Despite my disappointment in him that he didn't tie the knots with Lynn Hung, however here's me congratulating him yet for another award.  Thanks again to Asianfanatics.

Vanness Wu's Wedding Picture

Well sorry this isn't a movie fangirls and I guess this is another of those "heartbreaking" instances.  Well I haven't seen any wedding pictures of Ayumi Kinoshita to post but I'd like to display this picture of Vanness Wu and his dear wife Arissa.  Well best wishes to them both!

Wedding Pictorial of Vanness Wu and His Wife Arissa Cheo-Wu

Here's some pictures of Vanness Wu I took from HKSAR Film No. Top Ten.  Well this is probably some tears to all you fangirls out there but oh well...

Congratulations to Jackie Chan for Establishing JC International

Here's me granting some congratulations to one of my favorite senior actors, Jackie Chan.  Here's my thoughts on the matter... well it looks like the Chinese market has become so global the need to distribute Chinese media around the world has become a necessity.  Hopefully he'll be able to work with a lot of the newer generation and distribute subtitled versions of older shows.


Jackie Chan Establishes JC International

Photos of Rin Takanashi I Found as of November 16, 2013

Well here's Rin Takanashi for "Love Actually" who will play for story 1.  Hmmm I'd say she's more of a guilty pleasure to me.  Now here are the screenshots.  Source is from the Warner Bros. Japan page about the movie.
A promotional picture with her leading guy...

Relax this isn't from Shinkenger!

Rin Takanashi in a lovely blue dress...

So Shun Oguri Will Act Alongside Jerry Yan?

Jerry Yan was confirmed that he will play as Lupin III"s rival in an upcoming Lupin movie while Shun Oguri will play as Lupin III.  Remembering Shun Oguri, he was Hanazawa Rui in Hana Yori Dango while Jerry Yan played as Doumyoji Tsukasa in the Taiwanese adaptation of Hana Yori Dango called Meteor Garden.


Shun Oguri to Act Alongside Jerry Yan for Lupin III Movie

Erina Nakayama Pictures I Found as of October 13, 2013

Well more cute pictures of Erina Nakayama.
Hmmm I wish I'll see her dressed up as Ptera Ranger...

I'd love to eat that with her!

Cute as ever

Esther Liu Pictures I Found as of November 11, 2013

Really sexy!

She's a real portrait!


Japanese Tokusatsu Celebrities and Their Possible Career Lengths

It's a sad fact many Tokusatsu actors and actresses tend to quit show business as early as they could.  In fact, here's a few to mention...

Just around October 25 of this year, Kyousuke Hamao announces pretty much an early retirement from show business as I read from JE Fusion.  He made a professional leave from the industry because he wants to pursue his studies further to become a lawyer.  Hmmm... and I've stared to think about other known reasons!

Way back in the past, Yuki Yajima had a rather sudden departure to which nobody knew why.  Some speculated that it was her contractual dispute with Japan Action Club and some say she had a quarrel and called it quit with them.  Whatever the case, Yuki Yajima should have done her departure professionally regardless whatever her reasons were.

Some Tokusatsu actors do some occasional guest returns or similar to that.  As far as I've known, Keiya Asakura is now working for a hotel in Japan and Kazunori Inaba is a businessman t…

Maaya Uchida Pictures I Found as of November 11, 2013

Here's some delusion time...
So much I want to stay in delusion world...


Congratulations to Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo, Just Married!

Well Vanness Wu has tied the knots with his girlfriend Arissa Cheo.  All I can say is congratulations!  Well of course, I don't want to say there weren't some broken hearts. XD

Them Really Stupid Celebrity Rumors

JVKV member Ken Chu once stated, "Well rumors are harmful.  Do not believe everything you read on the Internet or any media."  I remembered the time I used to buy F4 related stuff before it became JVKV since F4 was the very reason why I started watching Chinese entertainment.

Tabloids and some non-credible entertainment magazines can be the very big source of rumors that's why I don't use them as sources.  It's as bad as a Super Sentai fan who uses the Dynaman parody dub as a source or worse since it involves real people.  It just happened that some of these could cause serious relationship distortions and privacy distractions.  Dating rumors and others can really destroy relationships or images the actors or actresses stand for.  I would say it is okay to speculate but stating a speculation as a fact is uncalled for.  I mean Vic Chou was rumored to have dated Angela Zhang out of a rumor as well. =P

Just because of some pictures seem to suggest something.  I rem…

Esther Liu for Trans Asia

Here's Esther Liu for Trans Asia Airways with her cast in Ai Qing ATM.

Vic Chou Pictures I Found as of November 7, 2013

Vic Chou for Ultra Light Down

Vic Chou doesn't want to be called an idol.  He wants to appreciated for his acting.

Kim Tae Hee Preparing Kimchee

Here's a picture of Kim Tae Hee preparing Kimchee, see the kim right?  Hee hee.  If you ask me, that is a lot.  They were taken at the Seoul Marina Club.  For more pictures from her Facebook fanpage, click here.

Kim Tae Hee at Pu Tong Airport Shanghai

Well here's Kim Tae Hee arriving in Pu Tong Airport from Shanghai.  She took the plane at Incheon International Airport to go to the Cosmo Beauty Awards.  Amazing to see she's still hot at 33.

Vic Chou Then and Now

After winning the Golden Bell awards, I thought it's time to write about how his career had shifted.  Let's start shall we?

He started off with rather dull roles.  That is, he was at first Hanazawa Rui's Taiwanese counterpart Hua Tze Lei (and looks TOO MUCH like the Anime/Manga character).  In that role, he was Taro's Taiwanese counterpart Tai Lang in Poor Prince Taro.  In Love Storm, it was his worst role ever.  In fact, I didn't expect he would recover anytime!

He later improved during his later roles after Love Storm.  After the serious storm that hit his life, Mars was a big stage for improvement where he was reunited with Barbie Xu who became his leading lady.  After doing comic book characters, he started doing more serious roles.  He did have his lead in "Wish to See You Again" alongside his hinted but later proven false love interest Michelle Chen.

The Classic Jerry Yan vs. Vic Chou Fan Wars

I remembered during the days when F4 made too much of a sensation before the group had their inevitable split, before Vic Chou may have become the new "Qin Han" of Chinese entertainment.  These two were launched into stardom during their Meteor Garden days.

Well I guess there have been a lot of fan wars during Meteor Garden to who would get the girl.  In the series, Jerry Yan gets entangled in a love triangle with Vic Chou over Barbie Xu though in real life, neither got her nor did it happen.  During Meteor Garden II which ended up becoming overly dramatic for me, fan wars re-escalated again when fans fought over Jerry Yan and Vic Chou.  Of course, the whole series ended with Vic Chou walking out of the script!  In the middle of that, Vic Chou took the role of the Taiwanese adaptation of "Poor Boy Taro" as the main character while Jerry Yan starred alongside Karen Morris and Jacky Cheung in "Love Scar".  I guess nobody can forget how Meteor Garden turned…

Enough of the Pinoy Pride Already!

I do want to commend Sayaka Akimoto's being proud to be half-Filipino and I am endorsing her in this blog, well people ought to like the way they are.  However there is always the problem of the Pinoy pride which I wish to address to Filipino by race readers of this blog who might be stuck in Pinoy pride.  That is, it's a problem of Pinoys with all their, "Oh it's another of our countrymen, Pinoys are truly great."  Well it's nice to have Filipinos talents here and there but Filipinos should NEVER gloat about their being Filipino as the reason why these people succeed.  Let's think about it- the Pinoy pride thing isn't going to help the Philippines a bit!  Plus, this is the first time this blog has me writing something like this because some people I support here are actually half-Filipino or have worked with some Filipinos.  Don't forget Andy Lau's duet with Sharon Cuneta or Jacky Cheung's duet with Regine Velasquez.

I could commend the …