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Joanne Tzeng Pictures For November 30, 2015

It's time for Chinese kawaii!!!!
Is this some fancy Chinese restaurant she's in? 

A Warm Nice Autumn With Esther Liu

Here's Esther Liu's latest selfie and well, looks like she's having a nice time with the weather. Picture was taken from her Facebook page.

Suzy Bae At The Dorihwaga Cast Stage Greetings at CJV On 28/Nov./2015)

Well take a closer look as there are some distinguishable traits between Maaya and Suzy and it's on the lips and somewhere on the facial structure. Here's Suzy dressed up in beautiful white. 
Gotta love that smile!

Maaya Uchida Pictures For November 28, 2015

Here's some cute Maaya Uchida pictures, well took me some time to realize that her lips and Suzy's can easily tell them apart...
La la la cutie!

Congratulations To Lee Min Ho For Winning The 36th Blue Dragon Awards

What can I say? Congratulations to Lee Min Ho!
A pretty weird looking trophy if you ask me...

Suzy Bae At Dorihwaga Interview Part 2

Here's Suzy with her fabulous yellow jacket, pictures were taken from here.
Gotta love that cat pose...

Tori Matsuzaka Picture For November 27, 2015

Well here's Tori Matsuzaka with a bouquet of flowers... is he out on a date?

Cyndi Wang's Latest Pirate Themed Shooting?

I'll admit, I can't wait to see this MV of hers, pictures were taken from her Facebook fanpage.
Well I wonder what she's going to say...

Alexander Wang And That Delicious Turkey!

Wow, that's one huge giant turkey and too bad, I wasn't eating it with him and his peers... but I'm so happy he's got that turkey! Picture taken from his Facebook fanpage.

A Lobster Meal With Jolin Tsai!

Got to admit, that lobster she's eating looks pretty delicious! Pictures taken from this fanpage.
She can't wait to eat the lobster!

Liu Yi Fei As The Cover Girl For Rayli Magazine For December 2015

Here's next month's issue of Rayli Magazine... looking pretty much a timeless 70s picture here...
Pretty in pink...

Looks like she warms up the winter...

Show Luo And Suzy Bae's MV "Together In Love"

Well this is from Show Luo's Official Channel (will take this down if need be), here is is music video called "Together in Love". Show Luo is with Korean actress Suzy Bae of Miss A. This is my first time to hear Suzy sing in Chinese considering I haven't really been that much of a fan of hers. I love how this MV has a sweet romantic atmosphere. Woohoo.

Suzy Bae And Show Luo Behind The Scenes For "Together In Love MV"

Well here's Suzy Bae with Alan Luo, behind the scenes for their MV. Pictures taken from this Suzy Bae fanpage
Heart sign anyone?

Riho Takada Wearing A Bordeaux's Dress

Well it's time for Kamen Rider OOO again, and I'd say she looks fantastic here. Taken from her Twitter account.
Are there Greeeds today?

Suzy Bae's Photobook Signing Last November 22, 2015

Delu-World anyone? Nah, you just arrived at the wrong location because you're in South Korea. Pictures were selected from this Suzy Bae fanpage.
Gotta love that smile...

Lee Min Ho Endorses Innisfree Skin Care

Here's Lee Min Ho endorsing Innisfree...
He's feeling really enthusiastic =)

Lee Min Ho At The FILA Event In China

In spite of China's current row with its neighboring countries, here he is in the FILA Event in China
Is he watching out for Shocker troops?

Lee Min Ho Endorses Samsonite

Well no surprise, he is endorsing Samsonite too...
Promotion time!

I'm still reminded of a younger Hiroshi Fujioaka here...

Lee Min Ho Endorses LG Electronics

I almost thought Lee Min Ho was going to Henshin to Kamen Rider 1. Pictures taken from this fanpage
Selfie time!

Suzy Bae In A Hanbok For First Look For November 23, 2015

It's time for more kawaii pictures of Suzy Bae. Pictures taken from here.
Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Time to get her hair fixed...

Esther Liu Pictures For November 23, 2015

Well here's some group events involving Esther Liu...
It's time for goofing off...

Well it's a big public promotion isn't it?

Ninninger Cast Pictures For November 23, 2015

Time for more shurikens...
Is thsi the happy express?

Wow she is getting tougher!

Vic Chou For Lifestyle Magazine

Well Vic Chou is now on the cover of Lifestyle Magazine. Pictures were taken from "Zai Zai" Vic Chou Yu Min (Fanpage).
Picture taking time!

Kasumi Yamaya And Yuuka Yano Pictures For October 21, 2015

Well it's time for ninja cuteness...
A cute collage indeed...

Pictures Of Maaya Uchida For Penki For November 21, 2015

Well it's time for Maaya Uchida pictures for Penki... is she dressed up like a patient for surgery here?
Flowers time!

Lee Min Ho For Orion Confectionary

Here's Lee Min Ho endorsing Orion Confectionary... pictures taken from here.
I really miss eating those kinds of products...

Lee Min Ho's Upcoming Concert At Grand Peace Palace

Looking at this picture, looks like this is one concert I wish I'll get the DVD of though I could really afford to fly but... time is really my biggest constraint. =P

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For November 20, 2015

Well it's time for another of her pretty pictures... 

Suzy Bae For Cosmo Beauty Awards

Well it's no surprising Suzy Bae is the beauty icon of the year though I think Maaya Uchida would have also sufficed...

Suzy Bae Pictures For The Dorihwaga Interview Part 2

Well it's time for some Korean Zu-CUNE! Previous pictures of the Dorihwaga Interview can be found here.
I just love that cutey pose...

Joanne Tzeng For November 20, 2015

Well it's kawaii time isn't it?
I'd love to eat that pastry...

Vic Chou Promotional Pics For Go Lala Go

Well here's Vic Chou for his latest movie though I wonder when his wedding pictures will be coming out. Pictures taken from Zai Zai Fans Club.
Well he and Ariel Lin are paired here?

Yukari Taki Dines Out With... Koichi Sakamoto In A French Restaurant?

Here's Yukari Taki's pictures from her latest blog entry... with her Ultraman X co-star and Koichi Sakamoto. I have a bad feeling about this.
Mission accomplished?
Oh no... looks like her good girl image is already gone?!

Suzy Bae's Second Interview At Dorihwaga

Well looks like Suzy Bae is about to dominate this blog, LOL. I got the pictures from this Suzy Bae fanpage. I just love her sweater as it gives out her simplicity in beauty.
Is she playing hide and seek?

Sweety Taking Pictures With Babies...

Here's a picture of Sweety taking pictures with babies...
Esther Liu and that adorable baby....

Suzy Bae At The Dorihwaga Press Conference At Wangsimni CGV

Here's Suzy Bae's pictures at Dorihwaga press conference which I selected from here.
Gotta love that hair! 

Suzy Bae Pictures For November 18, 2015

Well it's time for Kawaii time!
It's easy to confuse her for Maaya Uchida here...

Korean make-up brands are a fad huh? 

Suzy Bae In A Hanbok For 1st Look Magazine

Well Suzy Bae is looking gorgeous here... and I've seen pictures of Maaya Uchida in a kimono too so fair enough, we have Suzy in a hanbok. Pictures taken from this Suzy fanpage.
She's looking pretty down... 

More Suzy Bae Pictures For Roem For November 17, 2015

Well there's more Suzy Bae pictures for today from this Suzy Bae fanpage.
Lovely cutie!

I gotta love that pretty smile!

Hiroki Aiba's On Style For Ozmall...

Here's Shinken Blue to make a splash, pictures taken from the Hiroki Aiba Fan Club page.
Looking so classy in his Sentai color...
Hmmmm is there any lucky lady out there?

Suzy Bae For Roem

Well I'm sent to Delu-World yet again even if she's not Maaya Uchida. Pictures are taken from here.
Posing like a director...

European style dress anyone?