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Vic Zhou and Janine Zhang As a Couple For Next Drama Together?

It's pretty interesting that Janine Zhang and Vic Zhou met first in the movie "Tea Fight" and later in "Black and White", now they're going to co-star in "Returning Home" which may have a hard time getting into Mainland China because of the issues. It would be interesting to see Vic Zhou in more serious scripts than in funny ones, as a new face since he'll be a wartime doctor.

My Favorite Shows Where Esther Liu Was In

Here are shows where Esther Liu was in and I enjoyed them:

Of course, I can never forget Westside Story. I enjoyed the show because of her.

Green Forest My Home. Well she was more mature there as the leading lady.

In Chinese Paladin, I find her really adorable in that series. Although she was not the main character but she was fun to watch.

Happy 49th Birthday Andy Lau

Happy 49th birthday to one of my all time favorites Andy Lau. :-P

Jerry Yan Should Avoid Stressing Himself

After reading that my favorite F4 member Jerry Yan is down with gastritis, I can say he should avoid working too much. To think about it, he is really stressing himself too much already. He should know his health better and take a real check-up before it could be too serious. Stress can actually lead to a heart attack which is fatal, which I don't want to happen.

The First Time I Saw Song Hye Kyo's Serious and Funny Sides

The first time I got introduced to Song Hye Kyo was when I watched the tragic drama Autumn in My Heart where her character died from leukemia. I pretty much got carried away with all her crying, I asked myself whether or not she got dehydrated from all her acting. So I admit, I didn't like the whole script because it was too tragic. Then again, sad endings are a reality.

However when Full House came, a different side of her was shown and her chemistry with Rain Bi was really fun to watch. I mean, she showed a very WACKY side of her. Sadly though, I got biased with Full House because her character Han Jie Eun had to suffer to make the audience laugh- from losing her house because of her two fair-weathered friends, her rush marriage to an ill-tempered husband Lee Young Jae (Rain's character) and all that. Fortunately she triumphed in the end and managed to tame her ill-tempered husband to save their marriage.

David Tao's Remix of Classical Chinese Songs

David Tao, just one of my favorite singers. So I kind of thought that he remixed two of many great Chinese hits, which both were also sang by Teresa Teng. Here they are:

Moon Represents My Heart- Originally sung by Chen Fan Lan and popularized by Teresa Teng. It had some rap in between and it was a pretty lively song. Hmmm... a pretty way to liven up a romantic evening.

Love Without End- This was the theme song of the music of the same name, sang by Carrie Gu Mei, which Lin Dai's character Qing Qing sang in the film. Although it's a pretty sad song, David Tao managed to liven up the song into a happier song deviating from its sad nature. I pretty much however, still prefer Carrie Gu Mei's version.

A Vanness Wu and Arissa Cheo Picture

If I'm not wrong, they're both into a relationship so I kind of wonder who she is. I haven't heard much of her name before. This is kind of interesting though.

Lovely Crystal Liu at Shanghai Night Bazaar

Crystal Liu's charm in this new dress... well she's gorgeous. Hee hee.

A very magnificent pose...

A very royal walk indeed...

A very charming greeting...

Happy 42nd Birthday Tetsuo Kurata

I'd like to wish Tetsuo Kurata a happy 42nd Birthday. The Japanese first knew him in his role as Kotaro Minami of Kamen Rider fame for two seasons (Black and Black RX) and later, he appeared in several roles in prime time drama, main or not. Sadly he never appeared in Chinese cinema while Tatsuya Matsui (who played as Tasmadder in Black RX) did. I don't know if I should mix tokusatsu into this blog. :-P

Jacky Cheung's Song "End is Not The Ending I Want"

I just can't help but love the song Jacky Cheung sang for the 3-parter "OVA" Love Scar, where he played alongside with Jerry Yan, both as brothers who are caught in a love triangle for Karen Mok Morris. Hmmm and Jerry Yan is Karen Mok Morris' ex-boyfriend in the script who is six years older than he is, which is kind of odd. The mini-series in itself is realistic, can happen and that's what I liked about it. Just enjoy.

Ambrose Xu's Sings "Moment of Happiness" in the Last Episode of Lavender

This is really one of the saddest scenes Ambrose Xu has portrayed. It's even sadder than his performance in Dolphin Bay. I just found Lavender to be pretty sad and realistic, the bitter reality of life portrayed so well in this song. He has such a powerful voice, I really cried watching this part of the series. :'-( Hate it that both Yi Shin (played by Tammy Chen) and the baby died altogether.

Rain: I'm Excited to be in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines - After the cancellation of his press conference last Sept. 6 due to miscommunication, Asian pop star Rain (aka Jung Ji-hoon) finally met the press on Sept. 9 at the Champagne Room of the historic Manila Hotel.

Rain is in Manila to do the “Intensity” show at the Mall of Asia open grounds on Sept. 11.

He is also shooting scenes in the country for his upcoming action drama “Fugitive,” which will be known as “Runaway” when it is shown in the Philippines. The drama is a co-production of of Domangja and Philippine station TV5.

Rain appeared at the press conference together with the cast of “Runaway”: Hollywood and Korean-American star Daniel Henney, actresses Lee Na Young and Yoon Jin Seo, and actor Lee Jungjin.

The Manila Hotel is the official residence of Rain and the entire production cast of “Runaway.” Manila Hotel Executive Vice President Enrique Yap Jr. also graced the press conference.

Rain said he’s happy that he’s here in the country, telling everyone that they shou…

Ivy Ling Po's Old But Really Beautiful

If I'm to say so myself, former actress Ivy Ling Po may have aged but, she's kind of pretty still even if she's not as hot anymore. Hmmm... some old women still look kind of pretty. I guess that's the advantage when cosmetic surgery wasn't the craze back then.

Jolin Tsai with A Cat

Here's one of the rare, better looking Jolin Tsai pictures with a cat. I just love it when she's out of costume and without her make-up.

Crystal Liu's Graduation Photos

Here are some of Crystal Liu's graduation photos. Enjoy.

Pictures from:

Crystal Liu Childhood Photo

Here's a charming photo of Crystal Liu as a child. Hee hee.

Crystal Liu in A Low Cut Red Dress

These are some lovely Crystal Liu dresses in for the conference last July 2, 2010 for the "Chinese Ghost Story" movie press conference. Hmmm... I think I'll like her better than Barbie Xu. :-P

I think the cleavage is kinda low... not typical for a China girl.

Just really looking gorgeous.

Anita Mui in Drunken Master 2

One of my favorite roles that the late Anita Mui played was the wisecracking stepmother (and maternal aunt) of Jacky Chan's character Wong Fei Hung. While she is more known for her serious films, in this one she is pretty lively and funny which shows how much of an awesome actress she was when she were still alive.

If I'm to talk, one of my favorite scenes in the movie had to be whenever she tried to fool her husband Dr. Wong who acted by Ti Lung who is merely eight years older than Jacky Chan to be his father. How? She was really guilty of playing mahjong but she always had schemes the delayed the inevitable- that is Dr. Wong discovering she had been cheating on him in terms of finances whenever she played with her friends. She was also bad influence to Wong Fei Hung which was fun to watch, as there was always a comical situation.

Of course, it was never without showing the consequences of her character's actions, which rather blended in perfectly for an otherwise funny…

Yuki Nakama as an Antagonist? Not Surprising!


Yuki Nakama now 30 will be an antagonistic character in Winter Drama series. Woohoo! Now I will be seeing a real, vicious side of her. She's played some protagonists already so why not go antagonistic next?

Kelly Chen Hoping For a Daughter


Kelly Chen who'll turn 37 this year is still hoping for a daughter. I just really hope she'll get one soon. However with her going almost 40, is there still room for it? She gave that admission during the LG product event.