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Sweetly Innocent Erika Toda

Here are some photos of Erika Toda's innocence:

Jolin Tsai Records Touching Video for Deceased Fan

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Last year, when Join Tsai was invited to visit her fan Tseng Ying-Chi who contracted muscle dystrophy, his condition was already at its worst.

A video which was secretly pre-recorded to comfort Ying-Chi's parents was played at his memorial service a few days ago.

In the video, Jolin choked back on tears and said, "No matter what happened, I think that as Ying-Chi's parents, the both of you have been very brave.

"Although the both of you were always tough in front of him, I know you must be hurting deep within. I am really worried for the both of you."

Touched by the message from Jolin, Ying-Chi's parents burst into tears at the memorial service. Jolin, who was already on the verge of tears in the video, added, "I hope that the both of you will continue to live on with that bravery."

It was reported that the video clip was filmed and edited by docum…