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Zhao Wei's Bath Scene in Mulan

If there was any scene in the live Mulan movie that got me to go "huh" was to why they had to make Mulan's discovery to be a woman to Wen Tai to be that suggestive. If you can remember clearly, Mulan was bathing in the hot spring and apparently, Wen Tai saw her body. But at least it was less humiliating than in the Disney for her though since it was in a closed area. But still, Wei Tai got all red from the scene. :-P

Erika Toda to Spice Up the Holiday

Here are some Erika Toda photos to spice up the holiday:

Erika Toda's promotion for Liar Game.

A very lonely view at the living room.

A lovely view at the park... wish she were there.

Erika Toda in New York.

Just love it whenever she bares those teeth.

For some reason, those glasses make her look pretty IMO.

Woah! What a sight! Love this dress.

Lying down... just so pretty.

Erika Toda Crosses the Border?

After looking at Erika Toda's supposedly cute girl image, I was pretty shocked to find this. Is she really removing her girl next door image?

Zhang Ziyi Named CineAsia's Actress of the Decade

Actress Zhang Ziyi and director Feng Xiaogang pose with their CineAsia awards in Hong Kong on Thursday, December 9, 2010. Zhang Ziyi has been named Actress of the Decade, and Feng Xiaogang has been honored as Filmmaker of the Decade. [Photo: CFP]

Zhang Ziyi has been named Actress of the Decade by CineAsia at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.

The actress says she is very thankful to those directors she has cooperated with, and talks about her feeling of being a film producer.

"It's very tough to be a producer. But gradually, there might be a trend for actors to produce different types of film, character or different styles of film. Lots of things had changed over ten years. I believe as a professional actor or filmmaker, my passion for film and curiosity to character never changes."

Zhang recently finished shooting Gu Changwei's AIDS-focused drama "A Tale of Magic " ("Mo Shu Wai Zhuan") and is expected to film an English version…

Some New Erika Toda Uploaded as of December 5, 2010

Here are some really adorable Erika Toda photos. Hmmm... I'm also in love with a girl named Erika but she's just 16 and I'm 25 but I'll have to put her aside due to our status in society.  Love can wait.

In a cool rainy day outfit.

I wish I could toss that glass of beverage with her.

In a really seductive green dress.

My bar of chocolate... with her.

In a cool Japanese traditional outfit.

A pretty photo if you ask me... the apple of my eye. Hmmm... but I like mangoes more than apples. LOL.

Erika Toda Winter Outfit Display as of December 5, 2010

Here are just some hot Erika Toda winter outfit. Wish I could date her. :-P

Jolin Tsai's Reindeer Outfit

This is one of Jolin Tsai's old photos but still gorgeous enough to be posted.

Season's Greetings from Vanness Wu

Here's an old photo of Vanness Wu during Christmas. I don't know where this was taken but it's a fun photo.