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Vannes Wu and Ady An Chemistry?

While I'm glad that he's over with Vivian Xu, I hope this means he and Ady An can be together (I wonder why she and Irons Kwok couldn't work it out?) after it was reported that Vanness Wu felt like a dad and Ady An felt like the mom with the filming. I was kind of thinking whatever the future is, I hope they'll be together.

Some Classic Liu Xue Hua Pictures

I began to think about digging through my late Grandma Gertrude's favorites and decided to share these photos of one of her favorite actresses. I honestly want to share these pictures of the great actress who played both protagonist and antagonist roles in her dramas. She does a good job.

Deric Wan's Villainous Roles I've Seen

I remembered how well portrayed the villains brought by Deric Wan were (although I would have preferred Andy Lau for Dolphin Bay and Twin Sisters) as well as So Close. In fact, he acted them so well it made me hate the characters he's played.  Also I'd say he is a LEGEND.

So far his villainous roles were altogether bound by hypocrisy, dishonesty and greed. Each had the motive of money while showing a rather kind face, these characters he play seek to destroy whatever evidence there is to prove their guilt. Perhaps it was his role in So Close that got him to be chosen for Dolphin Bay.

Each one however portrayed evil in some way. Mr. Chou in So Close was a kindly man on the surface but full of evil within that the characters are left in suspense. Eddie in Dolphin Bay is obviously ruthless and evil to most people- makes you wonder why they didn't get rid of him for his attitude problem. Peter was on the other hand one who ends up finding some path to redemption towards …

Liu Xue Hua and Vicki Zhao Wei

I honestly can't help but think the fact that Vicki Zhao actually reenacted Zhao Wei's character. How do I view it?

Here's what- the older version of "Romance in the Rain" was actually MORE convincing even if Zhao Wei did a good job. How can I say that? Thinking about how it goes, Liu Xue Hua's expressions are more revealed thoroughly as she cries and laughs as well as gets mad.

Some Funny Erika Toda Pictures

Erika Toda's one funny girl and I'll share some pictures of her I find funny. :-P
Side view she kind of looks like a bunny rabbit.

Nerd mode- I've got to love this picture!

Another rabbit-teeth expression.

Shocked huh baby?

She's getting really nervous with a blank expression.

Those teeth just got to show.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

A really goofy smile brightens up my day.

Peace... okay?

Jolin Tsai and Toyota

This picture of Jolin Tsai modeling for Toyota is too good to share. I honestly think this is one of the best Toyota ads yet.

Kim Mi Sook's Role as A Wicked Stepmother

While watching Shining Inheritance, I was thinking that Kim Mi Sook's role as the wicked stepmother was somewhat the subtle evil. Unlike Cinderella's wicked stepmother Lady Tremaine who looks evil from the start or not to mention, the role of Lee Hui Hyang as the wicked stepmother of Stairway to Heaven- this one requires a really good actress and I think Kim Mi Sook does it well.

How? Well to play as somebody seemingly innocent (that is to the eyes of Oh Young Ran who is a friend of hers who has no idea she is Go Eun Sung's stepmother) she is also wicked behind the backs of people. She is also seen to be the type to do everything to make sure her daughter Yoo Sung Mi (acted by Moon Chae Won) gets to survive. She of course isn't expected to be evil until she acts evil- compared to most actresses who acted as wicked stepmothers.

Since Shining Inheritance isn't overly serious with some touch of comedy (that is while the two children Woo Hwan and Woo Jung are annoyin…

Vanness Wu's Muscles Boost Up Autumn Concerto

Vanness Wu's shower scene have really boost up ratings. Hmmm... his body still has the charm to the girls. 4.5 increase? I just wonder. Honestly speaking, he's been a girl magnet. However I can't speak much because I'm a guy. LOL.

Some Common Stereotypes in Chinese, Japanese and Korean Drama

Here are some common stereotypes usually viewed in Chinese, Japanese and Korean drama:
A couple you don't expect to be together and the social class gaps.
There are plenty of tears in drama.
The suffering heroine is very common indeed.
There are also previous relationships that happen too.
There are sad relationships between the opposite sex.
There are damsels in distress.
Rainy scenarios are taken to express sorrowful romance.
In some of them, a marriage gone bad.
Violence and threatening are common too.
The wicked woman to ruin the scene. Most of them usually played by the women who played suffering heroines in the past. They are usually portrayed as the mother, the monster-in-law and the stereotypical wicked stepmother.
And lastly, many do focus on tragic deaths usually by disease. Most of them cause the lovers not to be together in the end. Some of them do spend a short married life together also.

Are Jerry Yan and Terri Kwan Dating?!

So far I've been reading all but somewhat unreliable sources of them dating after they both filmed the rather teary eyed soap opera Starlit which the girl inevitably succumbs to her fatal illness and dies at the end of the series. Such a story reminds me of Lin Dai's movie "Love without End".

One source says that they have gone to Thailand for an apparent reconciliation trip. Hmmm? Is something cooking. But if I were Jerry Yan, I may go for a younger woman if I want to easily have children but Kelly Chen had her first child at 36. I hope the two end up together. :-P

Jay Chou Rumored Dead Twice!

Source of article:

How do I respond to this kind of news?

This is another false alarm like Rain Bi's supposed death. Thinking about it, Jay Zhou's two rumored and proven wrong deaths were car accident and later suicide by drug overdose, two most common deaths in Chinese celebrities.

If you remember, Xu Wei Lun died from a car accident. As for drug overdose, I can remember the older ones being Patricia Lam Fung (accidental overdose), Lin Dai (suicide) who are of Shaw Brothers' fame.

The fact is this caused mayhem on Facebook too. Hmmm...

However here's what's going on- he's filming "The Green Hornet" and I think he will be Kato, the part that the short-lived but legendary Bruce Lee took part with before. I hope he doesn't die as early as Bruce Lee does.

Some Behind the Scenes Pictures of Black and White

These are some of the behind the scenes of Black and White which I find should be worth showing to how HARD it is to maintain the best.
Mark Chao ends up giggling after forgetting his line in this scene.
Janine Zhang is trying to keep her part as an injured person while Mark Chao, Vic Zhou and Ivy Chen are given instructions behind the scenes.
This is a scene where a gun shooting rehearsal takes place.

I hope I can find more. Hee hee. It's been my favorite series so far especially dealing with the real truth about the pain of being a hero saving a world that's wicked.

Vic Zhou's Rather Improved Performance in Black and White

After seeing Black and White, I didn't realize to stick with it. Vic Zhou's performance was just so much so Hong Kong cinema like and I get reminded of Andy Lau's younger days instead!

This scene really got me convinced he was in terror although I like Mark Chao's performance better.

I honestly didn't expect to feel his crying in this scene. Honestly, it was a great improvement from Meteor Garden. I really didn't feel like turning off the TV. Instead, I watched through it.

The closing battle is just so hot. Although Mark Chao had the best martial arts, he did good.

This bleeding scenario was convincing enough due to his part as the least expected hero.

And this one, I really can't help how much he persevered in this difficult scene.

Overall, his acting impression changed.

Mark Chao and Allen Chao in Black and White

After seeing Black and White, I could hardly believe that Mark Chao and his father Allen Chao were filmed not only as non-related persons but also as enemies! Hmmm... but I didn't know Allen Chao was Mark Chao's father during that time!

Picture 1-
Father and son having a toast with each other

Picture 2-
Mark Chao and Allen Chao displaying the real them in contrast to their characters in the script.

Picture 3-
Another yet funny pose for father and son.

New Liu Yi Fei Pictures as of 10-26-2009

Although today is November 4, 2009 these pictures were taken on the said date. These are really gorgeous.

Picture 1-
This is really a pretty side view.

Picture 2-
This dress is just kind of gothic for me. Dark touch.