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Crystal Liu in Nice Yellow Dress

This is a photo of Crystal Liu taken from a press conference for her upcoming movie "A Chinese Fairy Tale" which is kind of similar to the nine-tailed fox story.

At Least We'll Here Vic Zhou's Voice in "Home"

Fortunately for Vic Zhou's second drama "Home" that he will really be speaking HIS MANDARIN and not dubbed like it was in Madame Chin. Well, I honestly would be interested to see a historical film for once.


Vic Zhou's Green Tea Partners

Here are photos of Vic Zhou with his partners in the Green Tea commercial. They are:

He first had the promotion with Arien Lin then...

He had his next promotion with Cyndi Wang... although I was hoping with would be Esther Liu.

Jolin Tsai's Chocolate Cake

This picture of the Mandopop queen holding such a delicious chocolate cake makes me want to eat it. Yum!

And just a closer view at the cake... her smile warms things up.

Vic Zhou as a Wartime Doctor Screenshot

If you ask me, Vic Zhou's turned into a more promising actor as he continues to take serious roles. If he did improve along the way, this may be his greatest shining glory.

Just Some More HOT Erika Toda

It's still snowing in Japan so here's something to heat things up...

You'd definitely want her next to you.

Lovely in a sweater.

Just can't have enough of her visage. LOL.

Happy Chinese New Year 2011!

Well here's a happy Chinese New Year to you all... the year of the rabbit.