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Liu Yi Fei Greets Everyone "Happy Halloween!!!!"

Here's Liu Yi Fei at the MCM Harper Bazaar conference really dressed in sexy black just in time for Halloween!!!! XD
She looks like a vampire hunter here!
 Amazing!  I would be afraid to get on her bad side!

Amazingly gorgeous and bright shining star!

Liu Yi Fei and Lee Min Ho For Kumho Tire Pictures for October 31, 2014

Here's Liu Yi Fei and Lee Min Ho for Kumho Tires in South Korea.  Liu Yi Fei really looks gorgeous here.  
Hey that should have been me XD
She's really smooth!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures at Beijing Promoting "For Love or Money" on October 30, 2014

Here's more drop dead gorgeous pictures of Chinese beauty Liu Yi Fei at Beijing.  I also had a couple of pictures last October 29, 2014.  Pictures were selected from here.

She really has a nice soft cheek...

 Wow she really has nice hair quality...
I just love her aura of innocence...

Tori Matsuzaka and Kasumi Arimura for "The Nutcracker"

LOS ANGELES.  Kasumi Arimura and Tori Matsuzaka starred in dubbing the doll animated film "The Nutcracker" as the works of the 27th Special Screenings Tokyo International Film Festival on October 29 in Tokyo Roppongi where the the world premiere was hosted.  Kasumi Arimura, Tori Matsuzaka, Itano Tomomi, Takashi Fujii, Ichimura with their positive parent and director Masuda Sebastian attended the event.
"The Nutcracker" is portrayed by the mice take away the Nutcracker from Clara in the face of various difficulties growing up masterpieces fairy tales, the fairy tale in 1979 by Sanrio be made into a film version. The movie was based on manual operation mode even moving up little by little people, is a shooting took 5 years to complete the "masterpiece."  Today this work to have been involved in Kyari Pamyu Pamyu music video produced by art director Sebastian Masuda hand, he used the latest technology to make this work is to get  it re-built.

Masuda premier…

Congratulations! Charles Lin and Ariel Lin Now Officially Engaged!!!!

Finally Charles Lin and Ariel Lin have gotten engaged... and they will soon be getting married.  Ariel Lin is already 32 years old.  Plus, the engagement happened on her birthday just like my cousin got married on his birthday.  Meanwhile I feel like I must now find a wife!

A Recent Picture of Alexander Wang and His 99 Year Old Paternal Grandmother

This picture of his aging grandmother on a wheelchair kind of reminded me of the final days I had with mine who died at 91 years old.  If she were alive today, she would be 97 years old.  Wang Lee Hom had these words to say as of late, "I moved back to Taiwan when I was 19 years old. Back then, Popo cooked for me every day, taught me Chinese, we talked all the time. She was the only person I knew in Taiwan! When I'd finish work, or come home from the studio, she'd always be waiting up for me, no matter how late. She wouldn't go to bed, until she knew I was home safe. Today, I went to her house, and just looking in her eyes was like 10,000 words exchanged. I thought to myself, "Popo, you look so cute in pink." Don't you agree?"
Picture taken from here;

Liu Yi Fei Pictures at Beijing Promoting "For Love or Money" on October 29, 2014

Here are Liu Yi Fei's pictures at Beijing for the movie "For Love or Money".  I got the pictures from here.  I would admit she's really a glamour girl one way or another.
Gotta love those nice legs!
Man is she in a good mood today!

Her lips are very kissable...

Liu Yi Fei Happy 2014 Camp Pictures for October 29, 2014

Here is Liu Yi Fei in a lovely blue jacket and short shorts... almost makes me remember some good old Tokusatsu days.  Here she is with her charm!  Pictures taken from here.
She's looking sideways...

What's she thinking about?

 She's really a charming girl...

Erina Nakayama Pictures for October 29, 2014

It looks like I can't just get enough of Erina Nakayama's cuteness... hehehehehehe!!!!
Erina Nakayama happily strolling along...

You gotta admit Erina Nakayama has such nice legs!

Liu Yi Fei Harper Bazaar Pictures for October 28, 2014

Black and white Shaw Brothers' style photography...
She's got a pretty butterfly with her...
 Now that's good for business!!!!

My Reaction to Donnie Yen Spending Time With Kids After Traveling the World

Well I finally read this news from HK Top Ten that Donnie Yen will spend time with his kids after traveling the world.  Now here's my reaction to it.  I would really say that the whole idea is indeed awesome to catch up with his children, in order to avoid incidents like Jackie Chan to Jaycee Chan (sadly Jaycee Chan may be banned for life for all we know).  
Knowing that he was rarely together with his children (apparently his son from the previous marriage is with him), I hope he will get more times to be with his children.  I mean, they are currently 19 for Jeff, ten for Jasmine and seven for James.  These kids will need some parental bonding and I hope he can take the family together.

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for October 27, 2014

Well here's some Liu Yi Fei pictures for today and she's really this blog's celebrated beauty queen...
I just love her movie star look...
I just love her smart gestures...

Sayaka Akimoto Pictures for October 27, 2014

Well it looks like this blog can't get enough of Sayaka Akimoto... hehehehehe....
Peace sign!
I just love that smile!
Promoting at the cinemas...

Liu Yi Fei 2014 Harper Bazaar Pictures for October 26, 2014

Here's Liu Yi Fei pictures for today from the 2014 Harper's Bazaar.  I just love the clothes display in here, modern Chinese style.  I got the pictures from here.
 She's really one red hot China girl!  Kinda resembles a younger Brigitte Lin.

Phantom style of the opera....  Shaw Brothers' Style!

 She's a Vogue cover girl....

Maaya Uchida Voices Vampire Lucy of "Feast of JK - Vampire Fate"

Well it's time for another step in Delusion World.  The adorable Maaya Uchida is going to be the voice of Vampire Lucy for the game "Feast of JK - Vampire Fate".  Her character Lucy is half-human, half-vampire and aims to become the Princess of Darkness.  Now I'll do another translation from where I got the pictures from.  I'll polish up the translation to the best of my ability:
Question: How was your impression been finished when your voice was recorded as you played Lucy?
Maaya Uchida (hereinafter, Uchida impression when I saw the illustration): first, cool girl there is also a set of vampires as it tried thinking in the image of Enjiyo.  But in the course of play it was a surprisingly pretty girl's impression. It has changed noticing and I'm.  It's looks cool, but because there is also a cute part, you can play and be aware of such a place, or consciousness so as not to become too mature so much so the raw schoolgirl, lets me play while thinking &q…

Rin Takanashi Pictures for October 25, 2014

Well here's more Rin Takanashi pictures for today...
I just love her black blouse in here... looks really gorgeous!
She's waving to the audience during the Boat Festival...

Tori Matsuzaka and Mirei Kiratani Voicing the Protagonists of Dragon Quest Heroes!

Well too bad I got some stress issues and it was last October 22, 2014 so I'm two days late... sorry, sorry!  Now Tori Matsuzaka and Mirei Kiratani will be voicing the roles of Akuto and Meer for the video game Dragon Quest Heroes.  Now my first Dragon Quest game was Dragon Quest VIII for the PS2... now looks like I'll have a Dragon Quest game to look forward to or to give as a gift.

Now here's some pictures which I took from the site I linked earlier:

Tori Matsuzaka doing his first Seiyu role as the hero Akuto.  Now I just had a thought he had played the role of Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red and he has done many major roles.  So there's no reason why he can't carry out the voice of Akuto the hero well.

Mriei Kiratani is relatively new to me.  She's an Anime seiyu while she is also a J-Drama star.  She will be the voice of Meer. 
Now here are the characters Akuto and Meer.  I kind want to see them cosplay as these though I think either Emi Takei or Rin Takanashi wo…

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for October 24, 2014

Here's Liu Yi Fei as the cover girl for this month's issue... and she's really looking lovely in red!
A hotter cover... looking lovely in her red cheongsam!

Liu Yi Fei and Lee Min Ho for Kumho Tire Motorsports Pictures for October 24, 2014

Here's Liu Yi Fei with Korean actor Lee Min Ho for Kumho Tire Motorsports.  These are the only ones available for now.  Hopefully I'll get more.  
She's one badass racer!!!!

He's got that badass look too!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for October 23, 2014

Liu Yi Fei at the Outcast Press Conference...
 She's really a pretty girl...

The beauty that really stands out!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for October 22, 2014

Man, Liu Yi Fei is feeling naughty today...
She's now feeling very confident...

Haruka Ayase's First Collaboration with Tori Matsuzaka: She is Great

This is my first attempt to produce an English version of an article written in Chinese found here.  Below is a polished up translation I have come up with:

WASHINGTON October 20, 2014 News- The Japanese film "Mona Lisa Universal Identification Disabilities' Q Pupil," adapted from the best-selling novel "The Chronicles' Universal Identification of Q Persons" series of novels of the ninth episode, the film is about to be released this month in Taiwan on the 31st. Film by the Japanese super idol Haruka Ayase,  Tori Matsuzaka performed for the first time where the two sides cooperate on their first impressions are very good towards each other, also expressed hope that in the future, they can have the opportunity to cooperate, then director Shinsuke Sato is agitated of the two performances out of the spark that it is very satisfactory.

The film, played by Haruka Ayase child to go to the Louvre to participate in the qualifying examination, Tori Matsuzaka played…

Tori Matsuzaka Pictures for October 22, 2014

He's listening to music while waiting for someone...
He's getting happy with his Tablet...
Another Emine Ki promotion...