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Yukari Taki And That Dolphin

Here's Yukari Taki interacting with that dolphin
The dolphin is having a good time

Well she's getting splashed

Pictures taken from here.

Suzy Bae Fan Signs Autographs At The BBQ Chicken Last February 27, 2016

Here's the cute and adorable Suzy signing those autographs for barbecue chicken.
Makes me miss eating Korean cuisine

Yoshi Sudarso Meets Donnie Yen!

As if meeting the Ninningers in the flesh wasn't enough, I think he's gotten luckier here with meeting one of my favorite martial artists. I wouldn't consider a tour around Toei Studios to be as good as going to Hong Kong and meeting kung fu legends! 

Suzy Bae Enjoying Some Cold Americano Cocktail

For a second, I thought this was Hiroyo Hakase but it was Suzy Bae
Gotta love that laugh

Gotta love her smile

Pictures taken from here.

Lee Min Ho Endorses Luwak White Coffee

Here's Lee Min Ho endorsing Luwak White Coffee,

Tori Matsuzaka Standard Smart Clothing Spring Collection 2016

Here's Tori Matsuzaka's collection of clothes. Pictures were taken from Aoki Style.
Suit Style

Esther Liu And That Cute Lion Stuffed Toy

I really wish I had one of those lion stuffed animals... =P

Suzy Bae Picture For BBQ Chicken

This picture of her makes me miss eating those delicious Korean foods.... 

Maaya Uchida And That Huge Lens

Well gotta love that funny expression she makes... and she's a funny gal. =)

Barbie Xu Wang And Daughter Wang Hsi Yueh Picture For February 25, 2016

I'll admit, good thing Barbie Xu Wang's daughter inherited her mother's appearance.

Sayaka Akimoto Pictures For February 23, 2016

Gotta love that smile

Kenta Satou With RV Robo And Turbo Robo

It's cool to see Kenta Sato hold these two robot toys. Turboranger started out as the first automobile Super Sentai then we had Carranger. Years later, Go-onger was there too. Hmmm...

Happy Lantern Festival From Cyndi Wang

I also want to have some of that delicious dumplings too... 

Joanne Tzeng Picture For February 22, 2016

It's time for some kawaii isn't it?

Liu Yi Fei Picture For February 22, 2016

Now that's a really breathtaking sight if you ask me. 

Sayaka Akimoto Pictures For February 20, 2016

What can I say? She's a natural beauty.
Somehow, I wished she played Sakura in Boukenger instead.

Haruka Tateishi Pictures For February 19, 2016

Well here's Zyuoh Tiger ahem Haruka Tateishi... and it's easy to mistake her for Taiwanese actress Tammy Chen.
Gotta love that figure

A Cup Of Coffee With Liu Yi Fei

Well for a second, I almost thought this was a classic picture of Brigitte Lin... =P

Haruka Tateishi Picture For February 18, 2016

Well here she is and she really looks like Taiwanese actress Tammy Chen

Esther Liu Is Feeling Cold?

It must be feeling cold for her. Picture taken from here.

Suzy Bae In Style: Which Is Your Favorite Dress?

Time to enter the Korean Delusion World and PICK YOUR STYLE...
My favorite style here is Number 5

Suzy Bae Pictures For February 15, 2016

McDonald's time!

A beauty by the meadow...

Esther Liu Pictures For February 15, 2016

Well it's time for the pretty Esther Liu here
Gotta love that smile

Tori Matsuzaka Endorses Kirin Beer

It's weird how this guy is now getting so much exposure compared to most red rangers. 
Serious look

Battle cry

Joanne Tzeng Pictures For February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day is over but who cares?
She's really so cute.

Rin Takanashi Pictures For February 13, 2016

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow and Rin Takanashi does provide that pink ranger of love vibes here
Gotta love that smile

Yukari Taki And Suzuka Morita Pictures For February 13, 2016

It's double the cuteness
They are both so sweet

Peace sign anyone?

You gotta love those stares!

Maaya Uchida Picture For February 13, 2016

Her haircut now clearly distinguishes her from Suzy Bae... hehehehehe!
It's time to eat some bread

Suzy Bae For Spotlight

She looks pretty formal and pretty beautiful here. Just reminds me of the kind of girl that gets my attention at first sight.

Liu Yi Fei: Don't Mess With Sparrow

There's no doubt Liu Yi Fei is not only a beauty but she's also a badass. The movie was pretty much last decade but I still can't get over these scenes.
Don't mess with her.

Man those are really sharp blades.

Flowers With Yuuka Yano

Here's Yuuka Yano with those flowers. Yup it's farewell Ninninger.

Haruka Tateishi Pictures For February 12, 2016

Here's "cat girl" Haruka Tateishi in her cuteness
Is she asking for fresh milk?

Yukari Taki Pictures For Febrary 10, 2016

It's cutie time!
What is she hiding from?

Joanne Tzeng And That Honey Dew

Well looks like I want one of those of what she's having... =P

Maaya Uchida Picture For February 10, 2016

What can I say? I'm sent to Delu-World for the Nth time!

Emi Takei Stars In Terra Formars

This slipped off my watch. I remembered her last in the Rurouni Kenshin Trilogy and Love For Beginners. The plot of the film is based on the Manga where they battle humanoid cockroaches to reclaim Mars. This looks like the Manga's idea was taken from some classic American film. She plays the part of the crew member Akita Nanao.
The film will be released on April 29, 2016.

Coffee With Lee Min Ho

I guess he's one person who's worth having coffee with for several reasons... =)

Tori Matsuzaka And That Delicious Fish!

Here's Tori Matsuzaka with that delicious fish. Man, I wish I had some. =P

Happy Chinese New Year From Joanne Tzeng

Well it's time for Chinese New Year from Joanne Tzeng...
She's crammed in at the back

Happy Chinese New Year 2016 From Liu Yi Fei

Well what can I say? This new year greeting caught me off guard. =P