Anita Mui: Hard to Replace Pop Queen

The fact is from Cantopop to Mandopop, the late Anita Mui is really hard to replace. Her voice, her style and almost everything was just unique. In fact, her music for me is just irreplaceable by the newer, younger cast of female pop singers- not even Taiwan's Jolin tsai could come close to this legend.

So far here are a list of my favorite songs from her in no particular order:
  • Stand by Me
  • Dream Partner
  • Cover Girl
  • Love Warrior
  • Woman's Flower
  • Love is Hard (with Jacky Cheung)
  • Don't Say Love Hurts (with Andy Lau)
  • Dance of a Dream (with Andy Lau)
  • Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber (with Tony Leung Ching Wa)
  • Hot Red Lips
  • Intimate Lover
In her memory RIP. :-(