Congratulations Vicki Zhao for Giving Birth Last Sunday

Vicki Zhao, 34 and her businessman husband, Huang Yu Long are now proud parents of a baby girl. I can't help but think motherhood has finally gotten to her. What will she do next? Maybe like Patricia Lam Fung, choose motherhood over career. Perhaps. And now I see why she hasn't been present during the promotions of the hit film "Fourteen Blades". And yup Sunday was the date I came back home from the island trip so exhausted after the tiresome trip with a group of scumbags I have for relatives.  LOL.

If you ask me, 34 is kind of risky for a woman for a first child. I mean, well women should marry faster than guys because of that. Anyway, I kind of think that I could marry at 40 to a much younger woman thinking of this story.



  1. I love Vicky and am happy at the news too. Wonder why it was a big secret for a few days? She is a good actress even if some of her recent roles have been lackluster in my opinion.


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