Jolin Tsai is a Lovely Flower

Here are some lovely Jolin Tsai photos and why I think she's a lovely flower.

A lady of the red flowers...

Hmmm I think the hair is done too much...

In a simple yellow dress, much better hair and violet flowers...

Lying among these flowers is also another pretty flower...


  1. Wow, these are great! I get sick of seeing her dressed like Kylie Minogue or something and these are sort of a new, natural look for her. Glad to know she is lovely with the glam or without it.

  2. Great images and I agree wholeheartedly regarding Jolin Tsai's hair in the second one--essentially it is all you see in the picture which is a shame. Sometimes photographers/stylists do something simply because they can which isn't always a good idea.

    Her hair is almost as prominent in the third pic but it is a much better image in every way--lovely dress although the fabric looks a bit like a bedspread. Great colors for her and it drapes beautifully.

  3. @ewaffle- I agree. The second one is awful. I always like her natural hairstyle the best.

  4. Wow, Jolin is very beautiful in this dresses end flowered scene.
    She is a lovely woman and makes me happy every time I'm listening her music and look at her beautiful appearance.

    I think I'm her biggest Dutch fan.


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