Teresa Teng's 15th Death Anniversary

The song "Wish We Last Forever" is meaningful. After all, it's best to cherish people while they are here, they may no longer be here. The same was with Teresa Teng's death of only 43 years old while she was in Thailand on vacation. She died from a severe asthma attack which claimed her life during the time she was with her French boyfriend. A massive traffic jam prevented her from reaching the hospital on time. By the way, I'm asthmatic and have to be careful. :(

Even with her dead, the songs can't be easily forgotten. My lunatic godmother who I have cut ties with due to her bad behavior was a heavy Teresa Teng fan to make memorials for her every May 8.

We also have this memorial video with her fans and family mourning for her death:

Sung to the song "Bu Liao Qing" this memorial video is for her 15th anniversary. A lot of people die so early these days and I'm seeing it around me.