Andy Lau and Sharon Cuenta's Duet "In Your Eyes"

Although Andy Lau can't speak English very well, it's kind of a nice event that he and Sharon Cuneta actually did a duet, even to film a wonderful music video together. If I'm not wrong, Sharon Cuneta had been separated from her former husband Gabby Concepcion for more than a year when their MV was filmed.

I like the song even for a pretty old one. Who says old can't be good? Without ado the lyrics written by Jim Brickman:

Male: Oh My Love
Now I Don't Know What To Say
You Take My Breath Away And I Am Yours

Female: Oh My Love
I Thought I Would Never Find
Someone To Love
With My Whole Heart And Mind

Chorus (Both):
When I Look At You
Here By My Side
All My Dreams Come True
Where Love Cannot Hide
All At Once
Where It Never Dies
Cause I See Love
In Your Eyes

Male: I Believe That This Love Was Meant To Be
Two Hearts Beat As One
In Our Sweet Destiny

Female: So Here We Are
In A Moment Lost In Time
Two Reasons That Rhyme
In Our Love For All Time

Chorus (Both)

And How You Gave Your Love To Me
Now I See It's Real
And Now Our Love Will Always Be
Now I've Found You