Vic Zhou's Love You 10,000 Years Premiere Just Yesterday

Okay this is old news but hey, can't I comment? So far, I'm not surprised with this excerpt I'm posting here: (Source:

"Yesterday, Vic Chou attended the premiere event for his latest movie Love You 10000 Years, along with co-star Kato Yuki and Director Kitamura Toyoharu. More than a thousand fans from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and other places in Asia went to support the star. Vic kept himself busy in promoting his new film; He first did interviews with the media in the afternoon, attended activities organized by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau where he met with fans, and then at night, he attended the premiere of the movie. Some fans from all across Asia spent as much as forty thousand dollars (NT) just to follow Vic for two days and participate in his premiere events at Taipei and Taichung, as well as his two fan meetings."

It's not F4, it's Vic Zhou that's getting the attention in this one. I just hope this film becomes a success because I'm seeing him as a Chin Han type of star.


  1. It is interesting that you've kept using Chin Han, an actor from a different era with whom I am not too familiar, as the benchmark for Zai Zai's acting ascendancy. Personally, I would pick Takeski Kaneshiro, whose wide acting range should serve Zai Zai well as a role model.

    But first and foremost, to be consider as a serious A-list actor, Zai Zai must first stop making idol dramas and make a full plunge into the big screen like Eddie Peng has. I think we have to see how this movie does, given Zai's previous two films, Linger and Tea Fight, were box office disasters thereby typecasting him as nothing but just an idol drama actor.

  2. @Anonymous- Thanks for posting here. Anyway I did like Tea Fight as a film, I didn't find it corny. Sigh, sometimes people have too high standards at times but I found Tea Fight enjoyable. But with idol dramas, I'm a big fan of the genre.

  3. Sean,

    I know you're a fan and would like any work he produces. However, if ZaiZai wanted to be taken seriously as an actor, he and his work would have to be measured against a higher standard. By his own admission, he can no longer just get by with being good looking.

    There is nothing wrong about idol dramas except that they are very limiting. At the ripe old age of 33, Jerry Yan continues to focus solely on dramas after making only one movie in his career. But that is Ok because I think Jerry has no ambitions of honing his acting skills and is quite content with nobody ever accusing him of being a fine actor.


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