Donnie Yen in Legend of Chen Zhen

Another of my Donnie Yen favorites has to be the Legend of Chen Zhen where he actually continues the Fist of Fury story, another of those kick-ass martial arts series.  I personally liked the whole movie having Donnie Yen (despite his age) reprise his well-loved role as Chen Zhen.  It was pretty interesting to have Chinese martial arts compete with Japanese martial arts.  IMO Chinese cinema's martial arts really kicks ass against most action cinema.

There was an obvious tribute to the Green Hornet franchise with his costume which was similar to Jet Li's movie "Black Mask".  As usual, there's always an exchange of ideas between East and West in their films.  Anyway I also thought that the whole Sino-Japanese war added a whole new meaning behind the "secret identity" of Chen Zhen.