Crystal Liu's Zdorzi Spring Collection

Well as a big fan of Crystal Liu (maybe she's Emma Roberts' equivalent to Asians) here are her Zdorzi photos.  Thanks to all who view this blog.  Enjoy these lovely photos:

You can't get this hot can you?

A very sexy pose... well did she just emerge from jail with those stripes?

Some flowers in her hair... rose, rose I love you!

Just some standard beauty with a hat.

Ahhh the Gingaman outfit!!!!

Hmmmm why is her hair styled like Zhen Xiu Zhen's?  LOL.

As the flowers bloom, so does this pretty girl.  Liu Yi Fei is hot.

A beauty among the plants.

A very professional pose.

This rose has some thorns... beware!  LOL!

A classic rosy dress picture.

Hot in blue...

Wow this photo is getting on to me!

She's brought some flowers for some reason.

In a rosy dress looking like a housewife.

Hot... hot... in red.

Just some of nature's greatest gifts.

What a lovely woman...

A Chiung Yao style pose...

And just her crossed leggs...


  1. Love her too. It seems hard for westerners to understand her beauty.


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