Some Pictures of Sun Xiang Zhong's Younger Days...

I just thought that the Taiwanese actor Sun Xiao Zhong or known as Chin Han (not to be confused with Ivy Ling Po's husband) was one of my late paternal grandmother's favorite drama actors.  I just want to keep her memory alive as much as possible even if she left the world in a ripe old age of 92 years old.  Still, I remembered her watching Chin Han's TV dramas.  And as for me, I kinda call him as "Jerry Yan Sr." with how he kinda looks like Jerry Yan when he was still younger.

I remembered how he played in 30s-40s era drama in the past.

He really had that charming smile.  Okay I wish I had a photo of better quality.

The popstar look in the 70s-80s.  The black and white adds a classic touch to one of my late paternal grandmother's favorite actors.

Ah yes, the good old days with that kind of dressing.  Sun Xiao Zhong was the man.

Hmmmm I just thought that Jerry Yan in a business suit would make him "Sun Xiao Zhong Jr." if this guy is who I'd call "Jerry Yan Sr."

Too bad this kind of fashion is now out of style.

With a mustache and eyeglasses, he really grew older with grace as the years passed. :)


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