Hideo Sakaki's Act of Heroism

Japanese actor Hideo Sakaki (not the late architect of the same name) who is currently into the role of Takeshi Kuroki in Gobusters did one noble job that was found out- he apprehended a 60 year old pedophile who was peeping at high school girls.  The identity of the man was named Tetsuya Kawakaki, a taxi driver who pleaded guilty during the interrogation.  All I can say is this was an act of heroism on behalf of the actor. Credits to Orends Range for sharing this information.

Source: http://henshinjustice.com/2012/08/28/commander-kuroki-helps-arrest-perverted-photographer/

Note: Although I do have my Super Sentai blog but this is content that is more fitted for this celebrities blog because the Super Sentai blog should focus on content, not the celebrities nor their eye candies which this blog will have all the more.  Also this blog will have the "After the Sentai" moments I can find as well.


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