My Most Recent Photo of Yutaka Hirose

Tokusatsu fans may recognize Yutaka Hirose for his roles as cruel villains such as his first role as Ley Wanda in Flashman, Dr. Kemp in Liveman, Tranza in Jetman, Jin in Dairanger, General Zander in Changerion and Shirakara in Kamen Rider Agito (episodes 49-50).  He had guest roles in Kamen Rider Black (to where he auditioned to be the protagonist Kotaro Minami), Tokkei Winspector and the in Solbrain.  As of late, he has put acting on hold, not caring much about current Tokusatsu (and I wish I could read what he wrote about Tokusatsu as of current) to hold a talent agency which I think is sweet.  Only if he could actually do some stunt coordination for Hong Kong films too.


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