My Thoughts of Kei Hosogai as Basco in Gokaiger

While most Tokusatsu cast members are launched into stardom by Tokusatsu, Kei Hosogai has already been involved with music and slice of life stories before he became Basco in Gokaiger.  What really shocked me also was that he's actually born in 1984 because in Gokaiger, he LOOKS so young.  However his age imo becomes believable when seeing how well he portrayed the villain proving he had experience prior to Tokusatsu.  I thought he really develops a menacing, intimidating presence and maybe he did act villainous roles prior to Gokaiger.  I did also think that he really portrayed his role as Marvelous' arch-rival quite well to which I believe may have taught the show's newbies skills they need for future acting.  So in short, he really did have an iconic role prior to becoming one of the best villains in Tokusatsu history.


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