Some Dramas with Tori Matsuzaka I May Want to Watch

Here are two TV dramas with Tori Matsuzaka I'd like to see...

Oneno Katani

Ume-Chan Sensei

The King and I- A reunion with his co-star Hiroki Aiba from Shinkenger.


  1. Stacey Louise FarrellSeptember 26, 2012 at 10:36 PM

    Oneno Katani : HELL YES MY two favourite sentai Warriors : We should finnally get more info on this 28th or 29th , theirs two trailers but their region locked.

    Umechan Sensei have followed everyday accept sundays since april its amazing and Nobuo and Umeko are adorable ! its realy good 156 episodes plus to specials

    The King and I is not a Drama its a movie that has just been released in cinimeas 22nd : Hopefully we get a dvd release soon cause its by good coming.

    Tori and Masaki are the main in the movie and their a in the same agency


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