Tori Matsuzaka in Kaito Royale

Tori Matsuzaka really looks cool in here in Kaito Royale.  So he's done with slashing Gedou, now he's going to do some real badass action.

Peace sign!  Not really... don't mess with this police officer...

 Tori Matsuzaka holding a gun while being near a hot chick (Aya Oomasa) is HOT!


  1. ah i thought youd have a photo of the episode 2 from the Halloween Party where he dresses up as a secrutiy guard . He's not a Police office He is a Theif.

    His Catchpharse * There is nothing i can't steal *

    He's Intellegant, Karen is Sexy type and Taiga is comedy haha ah i forgot....

    but yeah Kaito Royale is based off a very popular mobile game in japan.

    1. Hi thanks for being informative. I haven't seen much of what Tori was doing after Shinkenger.


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