Will Harlem Yu and Annie Yi Reconcile Soon?

I have read some news that says this from Asianfanatics:

Taiwanese actress Annie Yi recently uploaded a photo with her son, Harrison, on her microblog, commenting, "Family is now in Tamshui Fisherman's Wharf. It's so beautiful. I'm filled with happiness." 
The post immediately raised eyebrows on a suspected reunion between Annie and her ex-husband, famous Taiwanese singer-host Harlem Yu.  Netizens speculated that Harlem and their photographer might have been close at hand. 
The reconciliation rumour escalated when netizens found out that earlier this month, Annie posted a photo of Harrison in her new house on her microblog, saying, "In my dream, will someone be there, prepared and waiting for me?" 
In response to the supposed family reunion in Tamshui, Harlem's manager commented that he was unclear of Harlem's personal schedule.  Annie's management company said that they were unable to contact Annie at the moment.  Harlem and Annie divorced in 2009 after the latter was seen holding hands with Taiwanese actor Victor Huang.

To be honest, I hope the two will be reconciled soon.


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