Condolences to ASOS on the Death of Their Father

I have read that the father of Barbie Xu and Dee Xu who are both happily married to their respective partners has died of liver cancer at the age of 59 years old, last Tuesday.  I would like to greet them my belated condolences.  He was given an private cremation.  Here's some more details:

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Taiwanese host Dee Hsu (widely known as Xiao S) finally updated her Weibo account yesterday, one week after the death of her father, Mr Hsu. The 59-year-old lost his battle to liver cancer last Tuesday.

Accompanied by their husbands, Dee and her sister Barbie Hsu held a low profile cremation ceremony for Mr Hsu last Saturday. They appeared solemn and did not speak to the media.

Mr Hsu's ashes are currently placed in the church and a memorial service will be conducted tomorrow.
On behalf of Mr Hsu, the Hsu household intends to donate money collected from the "white envelope" (a Chinese tradition whereby money is given to the host family to express concern for the deceased) to charity or the church.

Reminiscing about her beloved father on her microblog, Dee says she always ends up tearing when she thinks about him.

Dee also revealed that Mr Hsu's final wish was for his three daughters to take good care of their grandmother and mother and to be optimistic every day.

Dee is expected to resume recording of her popular talk show, Here Comes Kang Xi today. She will also be attending a fashion launch event in Singapore next Friday.


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