Don't Mess with Yutaka Hirose: Him vs. Red Rangers!

Yutaka Hirose, well I don't know much about him BUT I think I can also give him tribute in this blog too.  Now for how he really is such a pain in the ass to red rangers whenever he's a villain in Super Sentai:

First role in Super Sentai as a regular villain was the character of Ley Wanda who was created by Dr. Lee Keflen out of genetic mish-mash.  I'd say that I really thought while his form was ridiculous, he does pretty awesome battle scenes especially against Jin/Red Flash who was played by Touta Tarumi.  He also fought against legendary stuntman Kazuo Niibori who played most red rangers.

His second role and my favorite has to be Dr. Kemp.  So Dr. Kemp is a character of a youth driven to delusion and eventually blind loyalty.  But he's no lame villain, he's one awesome character who I think even overrides Bias' coolness (acted by Jouji Nakata).  He displayed much fight scenes against Daisuke Shima and the stuntman Kazuo Nibori.  So it's round two between him and the stuntman Kazuo Nibori which is really, really cool.  Every focus episode he had in Liveman was so good in fact it makes him my overall favorite villain role for this guy.  In fact, I loved how his character's fate of becoming a brain beast to serve his master faithfully was carried out.

His third role was 10 episodes in Jetman.  I really thought it bizarre Tran should accelerate his growth to Tranza and thus Takumi Hirose takes the role.  So he's the unofficial leader of Vyram because his character Tranza didn't defeat the Jetmen according to the bet whoever wins will rule.  What I thought was that his character does a lot of SOB damage but not as much as Radiguet though.  I did think that his ten episode appearance wasn't a waste of space... it was in fact the time where Jetman got intense especially Radiguet hates his character so much.  So I just thought that his final appearance in Jetman was perhaps his best episode even if it was actually his departure!  I even like the scene where he shouts out Radiguet's name calling him "Radiguet-sama" before his character is left to live a senile state for the rest of his life.  This was also his last fight with the red ranger suit actor Kazuo Niibori on-screen.

His fourth and last Super Sentai appearance was in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.  This time it was him vs. Naoki Ofuji (previously Black Condor's suit actor and the thug that killed Gai Yuki) who was the red ranger stuntman here.  Compared to his other villainous roles, he was more of an anti-villain here who killed martial arts masters as he lost his arm to one.  Aside from his fights with Naoki Ofuji, he also gets to fight Keiichi Wada out of suit.  My favorite scene has to be every fight he has with the red ranger is so freakingly WTF awesome with those fists.  So pretty much, too bad he didn't make any more appearances in Super Sentai because I wished he was Gaja in Boukenger.

Overall, here's my tribute to Yutaka Hirose the great action star.  With what he thinks about Tokusatsu, I respect his opinion.  After all, he's got other things to pursue beyond that.


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