Emi Takei Pictures I Found as of April 19, 2013

She's just TOO CUTE I can't resist.  Now for more pictures:

Hmmm I wonder why she cut her hair here?

A pretty princess indeed!

She's the prettiest of the trio...

Oh I just love that stare...

Only if I were sharing that umbrella with her...

Oooooooo at the sofa pose...

I'd wear that shirt for her!

Ghost mode one...

Ghost mode two...

Wah I wish I were this doll!

Being at sea is fun!

Does she have another project with Tori Matsuzaka?  Hmmm what if Rin's in it again?  LOL.

 Barbeque with her is fun!
I'd buy it if she comes along with it!

A beauty by the woods...

Ohhhh... I wish she were staring at me.

My pretty librarian!

Stare of simplicity.

Still pretty


  1. Actually in that first pic she was wearing a wig, I also had thought at first "why would she cut such great looking hair?"


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