Kenji Ohba and Tokusatsu

Well it's time for another celebrity Tokusatsu talk rather than the Tokusatsu content so it's not in my Super Sentai blog like how all the Henshin hottie eye candy is all here.  Now then where should I start?  This time it's Kenji Ohba and I guess a lot of you knew him since childhood.

I can't deny that I watched Gavan as a child.  In some dubs Space Sheriff Gavan was changed to Sky Ranger Gavan to Filipino audiences.  But where do I start really?  All I can say is that he's a suit actor during the the first Kamen Rider, Android Kikaider (Jiro's suit actor), Kikaider 01 (also Jiro's suit actor), Akumaizer 3 (suit actor) and Goranger as Akaranger's suit actor.  However he didn't remain hidden as he eventually surfaced with the following roles.

His first major role was as Shiro Akebono the human identity of Battle Kenya.  He was the first Super Sentai black ranger.  He would later reprise his role in Gokaiger vs. Gavan as both Gavan and Shiro, as well as in the series with the same role.

It was followed by the role of Daigorou Oume/Denzi Blue in Denziman, trademarked by Anpan Bread.  He would later reprise his role as an older version in the Gokaiger films.

Perhaps his most iconic role as Retsu Ichijou the main protagonist in Space Sheriff Gavan.  As the title lead of a series different from Super Sentai, thought his role in Gavan was his greatest.  In fact so great I really gushed all over when I heard he would be in Gokaiger vs. Gavan where he got "cloned" and showed all three of his roles at once causing Gai Ikari to gush.  Wow, I never thought he'd make a seniro return and later he also appeared in Gavan the Movie which I heard has very bad reviews.  I always loved how he was really for me the best Metal Hero ever.  Some will disagree though and maybe say Hiroshi Watari is better but that's their opinion.  Personally I wish he guest starred in Fourze as a teacher or something.

Meanwhile he also guest starred in Black RX episode 34 as a father, in Gekiranger as Jan's father, in Jiraya as Jiro and Hurricanger as one of the many faces of Shurikenger.  Phew!  Well it's nice to see him still do some guest starring even for a newer generation of fans!


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