Munemaru Kouda's Super Sentai Big Bad Roles

Well another tribute I felt was to the late Munemaru Kouda who played two distinct big bads namely Dr. Man in Bioman and the Gorma Emperor in Dairanger. Now for the explanation of each role:

Dr. Man- I just thought though he does seemingly look like some Macross villain but I can't register who.  So why he decided to be cast as a bad guy in Bioman, maybe he had grandchildren who were fans of Tokusatsu who knows?  But regardless if he did, he did them a great favor by being cast as the big bad then behind the scenes and maybe let his grandkids meet the guys who played the heroes who opposed his character.  As Fantasy Leader calls his character as Dr. Man, he's practically the show stealer most of the time acting as an egoistic mechanical genius who thinks he's the smartest person of all.  I love how he manages to make the character quite scary, a source of nightmare fuels and how he portrays him commanding the Big Three around. I thought that with a lot of screen time he has, Munemaru Kouda portrays Dr. Man's inner struggle between his mechanical self and his human self very well throughout the series.

Gorma XV- He got lesser screen time than he was at Dr. Man since he appeared in episode 20 and there were some episodes where he doesn't even appear at all then again so did Shaddam, Zydos and Gara.  Compared to his role as Dr. Man, he portrays while a creepy and cruel character, plays a senile character who is bordered by arrogance and playfulness which is quite different than Dr. Man.  Munemaru Kouda again does a very good job playing a character who is uniquely different than the great scientist Dr. Man as this role wasn't even prepared to be overthrown, which Dr. Man was ready for.  I just thought though that both roles required some creepy make up while being executed differently proving him to be another great actor.  While Dairanger is a great series, I felt like this role was disappointing due to his lack of screen time that I thought would have made him a really scary person though his part where Shaddam (Rintaro Nishi) finally overthrew him successfully.


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