My List of Who I Think are The Most Overrated Japanese Henshin Hotties for 2000s Sentai

Well I did write a similar post in my personal blog (using their characters instead of them), however I felt like I'll also write it here.  So don't expect for outside Japan Henshin hotties okay? =)  Now here's my list and what I think of them:

Rin Takanashi- I think she really gets the first place in this list.  For me, it's been quite some time since a beauty like her had appeared in Tokusatsu... that is the "rare impact" but some will disagree since they all have their own Henshin hottie hots.  Mr. Smith thinks she's overrated too.  What makes me think about her a lot is that she's really, REALLY hot- way hotter than her PR Samurai counterpart actress Erika Fong which gives her some unfair credit that is she should always be credited for performance, beauty is just a bonus.  In my case, she was for me a superficial reason that made me endure Shinkenger's weaker middle rather than just my respect for Tokusatsu.  Plus, I even think with the fact she (for me) resembles Amy Jo Johnson appearance-wise can revive a 90s fanboy's immature sensation, reminding them of their crush on the latter as well as create a new generation of fanboys.  After all she's got East/West features that arrested my attention involuntarily.  That's why I dub her unofficially as the "Amy Jo Johnson of Japan".

Ayumi Kinoshita- Well I don't know what's her current name now that she's currently married causing a lot of fanboy tears presumably from mostly children.  Moving on, when I first saw Dekaranger I pretty thought she's really, really hot and I drooled hard with Dekaranger back then convincing me to watch the show despite it lacking the "traditional feel" plus I really didn't like Power Rangers SPD plus she's hotter than Monica May stupid reason to like Dekaranger for me.  Later I got disappointed with her lack of screen time in Gokaiger and wanted to watch Uramiya Honpo for her.  She's Mr. Smith's favorite hottie which he dubs her as "Hotter than all the Sentai hotties and PR hotties." label, hehehehehe I do respect what he thinks!  I guess some may want to argue she should be the Amy Jo Johnson of Japan instead of Rin Takanashi.

Nao Nagasawa- Well no doubt about this, hee hee.  I'd say that she was one of the reasons why I ended up watching Super Sentai again after that "hiatus" of me watching Tokusatsu because I wasn't ready to accept the changes like multi-gattai, newer villains, etc. or that Hurricanger seemed to be a clone of Liveman.  Bleh, too simple minded of me really of me to watch Hurricanger for her though I've grown the appreciate it beyond her.  I think she's even hotter than Sally Martin though I respect both actresses.  But in truth, I was also drooling at her during her guest appearances in W where she was really hot and in Fourze where beauty was simplicity as well.

But as said, it's better to respect these girls for their performance and appearance is just a bonus.


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