Nao Nagasawa's Guest Roles in Kamen Rider

Here's a little bit of a review of Nao Nagasawa's roles beyond Super Sentai.  So don't expect me to discuss about her guest appearances in Boukenger vs. Super Sentai or Gokaiger.  Now for an analysis of her roles.

She made a guest role in Kamen Rider W as Lily Shirogane who became the Invisible Dopant.  The "downside" for me was that I was expecting her to kick ass here but she for me, was just a pretty face in here.  Not really, she had an important contribution in the episode where her character was experimented upon by Dr. Isaka for some crazy experiment that was later revealed in the series.  I just thought while the episode was good overall but I wish she were kicking ass and being nasty like other Dopants than just her life force draining slowly the more she becomes the Invisible Dopant.  But she did have some good interaction with the show's characters though.  But I'll admit I really wanted her to kick butt instead than just me being led to "drooling over a woman I'll never have." scenario which can be very, very stupid for me.

Her second guest role in Kamen Rider was as Haruka Utsugi playing my ideal woman character without superpowers instead of just "being pretty".  Her character Haruka Utsugi replaced the missing Sarina Sonoda (played by Yuka Konan) as the new homeroom teacher.  She had two episodes but for me, were much better than just her being eye candy as she threw in some kickboxing moves which really is Nao Nagasawa.  For me, her guest appearance in here was really her interactions with Gentaro/Fourze (Sota Fukushi) where she was cured of her doubts about kickboxing.  She reappeared in a cameo for the finale though I thought it wasn't really necessary.


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