Questions I Might Ask Tetsuo Kurata if I Get to Interview Him

Well Tetsuo Kurata it's been some time since he was part of my childhood, Filipinos know him as "Kuya Robert" and to most people he is "Kotaro-Neesan" now I thought of the following questions I might ask him:

1.) What did you feel about the time you were chosen to play as Kotaro Minami?

2.) Why was it decided that Black would get the sequel Black RX?

3.) What did you think of Black RX as a sequel?

4.) Aside from Tokusatsu, can I ask what significant roles did you play?

5.) What made you open your beef steak restaurant?

6.) What do you think of the Heisi era Kamen Riders' new style of writing and which season is particularly your favorite?

I guess that's all I'll ask him. =)


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