Rin Takanashi as Mako Shiraishi in Shinkenger

Just as promised before I will really get really busy soon but I hope I can still find time to update any of my blogs, now it's time for my newest entry on Rin Takanashi on her role as Mako Shiraishi in Shinkenger.  Not a character analysis but a celebrity analysis on her role of what I thought about it.  Never mind she could be overrated, she's still a good actress to cast for various roles.

At first, it just seems that she was just there standing pretty but you've got admit, she can really act though she really was at that time still in the process of refinement in the earlier episodes but I'd say she did have some potential to go beyond her performance as she was already doing good.  But it did seem her role on the movie "Goth" prior to this one wasn't her room for improvement compared to her time in Shinkenger.  I thought while being cast as the team mom wasn't much a challenge but there were some episodes that really proved she's a good actress.  There's more than meets the eye and here's reason why her beauty is just a bonus and why she shouldn't be appreciated for shallow reasons.

The fact that the character Mako was aware of some things that were hidden was just one.  Rin Takanashi was able to display much of her acting skills during the episodes Mako discovered Dayu's past (whose human form is acted by Korean actress Romi Park who also does the voice) and for me, the tears were kind of expressed well.  I loved how she was able to portray pity in there.  However I wouldn't dare say she has a better performance than actresses like Kanako Maeda or Natsuki Takahashi.  More or less, I thought her acting is good but wasn't that good but still good.

Or another, during the episodes Mako is reunited with her mother I thought her performance of the character was so well done. For me, I had been convinced by the teary drama there.  I thought she had a convincing performance there.  Big improvement. =)

It's revealed Rin Takanashi can SING.  Though I could say that the whole Shinkenger Returns OVA is a messed up one.  I thought she should try to release at least one album.  Here's her song:

I think she has a good voice though not that outstanding.

Maybe I should also say how convincingly she portrayed the occasional gag of her character's bad cooking which manages to contrast the real her who can cook real good.  One way or another, she does a good job in portraying her bad cook problem and how she sought to improve.  Although in real life, she can cook properly though I doubt it she is five star material.

Overall, Rin Takanashi managed to perform her part as Mako well which eventually helped her in her later acting.  In fact, aside from her beauty, her performance makes me call her the "Amy Jo Johnson of Japan" or "The New Amy Jo Johnson" because she may have actually (and unintentionally) made them remember their fanboy days in the 90s while creating a new generation of fanboys.

Next stop, I might talk about Tori Matsuzaka's role as Takeru Shiba.


  1. Mako is the best pink ranger ever and there were rumors of here and tori we're dating they are my 2 top after marvelous and ahim


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