Rin Takanashi Pictures I Found as of April 19, 2013

Since I accidentally deleted a similar entry awhile ago, I'll repost these. =P  Now enjoy!

True certified hottie seal!

A meal with her would be great!

Funny girl mode!

Peace sign!

Dazzling in pink!

 Minnie Mouse mode!

I love her wavy hair here!

 Peace sign!

She's really so sweet!

Oh no not that stare!

My I better get my stomach pills!

A beauty by the valley...

A beauty by the sunset...

Is this Starbucks again?

Double peace sign...

Oh... peace!

School girl mode!

A cup of tea would be fine with her!

A beautiful sideview!

Hauntingly beautiful!

It's hottie time!

Funny yet pretty!

A reflection of beauty!

Takeru's stomach can't hold this fudge!

What's in the menu?


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