Rin Takanashi's Acting Skills Proven By These Roles

Well I'd like to do a performance critique on Rin Takanashi.  I haven't seen much of her roles but I think thse roles do somehow prove she is a good actress:

Her role in Shinkenger as Mako Shiraishi.  It's really something her actress could convince us she could not cook when...

The real Rin Takanashi can really cook.  Hee hee hee, just made me think that what if she was really feeding the Shinkenger cast behind the scenes while we were all seeing only her character fail in cooking?

In "Love for Beginners" she plays a rather bitchy character Arisa Yamauchi.  Hmmm made me wish she could act as a monster of the week too soon enough. Hee hee.


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