Soga Machiko's Evil Queen Roles

Soga Machiko the name that rings bells of her as an evil queen in Tokusatsu.  Now for her evil queen roles:

After her guest star role in Battle Fever J, she went on to proceed as the recurring antagonist Queen Hedrian and later was ported over to Sun Vulcan, the only series that was officially a sequel to the next after Goranger and JAKQ are supposedly non-canon.  Her role is somebody with a twisted definition of beuaty yet she cared about her minions.

In her non-Sentai main villain role, she was casted as the Wahrer's big bad, Empress Pandora who ended up getting stuck in time to fight Spielban and Diana Lady.  She worships a non-existent deity to control her forces and she basically is one ruthless empress.  Her character footage was used in VR Troopers for only one episode as Desponda.

Perhaps her most iconic might be Bandora, the evil witch who gets some nasty headaches though in Zyuranger not as often as MMPR (which was rewind footage).  In her role as Bandora, Soga Machiko gets to sing the Bandora Song which is really her voice.  Her role here was a wicked witch that for some reason hates children which was later revealed why she hates them a lot.  MMPR fans will recognize her as the footage that was used to create Rita Repulsa until Carla Perez fully signed to take the role.  She did appear in the Zyu2 footage even during Lord Zedd's arrival but later, probably due to the agreed number of Zyu2 footages Saban was given from Toei, she no longer appeared via footage.  She would also voice her character Rita Repulsa in the MMPR Japanese dub.  This also was used in the Mystic Force edit that merged her Magiranger character Magiel to that of her Zyuranger character Bandora by making the character Mystic Mother (Magiel's adaptation in Mystic Force) one and the same person with Rita Repulsa though in Super Sentai, it wasn't the case.


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