Tetsuo Kurata the Entrepreneur: Running the Billy the Kid Restaurant!

Mystery solved- now we know what Kotaro Minami was doing after he defeated both Gorgom, Crisis and had to face all the changes in the Heisei era that the new riders need delicious food to eat.  Joke.  Well, Tetsuo Kurata's pretty much an entrepreneur and here's some pictures of Kotaro Minami ahem Tetsuo Kurata.  Wish he named it Black Sun Steak House or Century King Steak House instead. =P  Oh well, I wish I can eat here you know!

I so want one of those t-shirts

The menu is here... Big Brother Kotaro!

Tetsuo Kurata with a Sentai helmet?  I wonder what he thinks of the last decade Tokusatsu?  To be honest, I wish he were Utsugi Sensei in Fourze!

Black RX!!!!


Now for the food items, calling Fantasy Leader for an eat out:

The Kamen Rider steak!  Woohoo!  Gotta call Fantasy Leader and Michael Mucha! 

The Black steak....

The Black RX steak...

Kamen Rider Black Coke float...

Me want this RX Steak!

Ridron Steak!

Kamen Rider Ice Cream Parfait... does this look like Decade?!

Maybe I'll let this pass... but I'll taste it...no can't decide!


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