Yukari Oshima as Farrah Cat in Bioman

Actually this blog would probably pay tribute to the iconic character that Yukari Oshima played known as Farracat from Bioman.  That was before she got into Hong Kong and she was still part of Japan Action Club.

Yukari Oshima was  launched to stardom during her time in Bioman as the acrobatic Farracat who first appeared in episode two.

She in fact created a very iconic scene in her fight with JAC former actress Yuki Yajima whose whereabouts are now unknown.  Nobody can really forget her acrobatic moves one way or another, either way she was awesome to the point that the character of Farrah Cat was overrated.  She also had performed fights against the other Biomen casts.  However I would consider her first fight scene as the best one.  It was fun to see her acrobatic stunts and everything.  Even during her last episode appearance (where Farrah Cat attempted to stop the Biomen from reaching her dying master Dr. Man) she still displayed some cool acrobatics.  Overall, her role as Farrah Cat was a real launcher!

I guess it was pretty much that factor that got her to be accepted into Hong Kong when they saw her fight scenes in Bioman.  According to Wikipedia, she also did some Philippine cinema because her career later dried up in Hong Kong where she did her first role in "Once Upon a Time in Manila" but I guess not all Filipinos guessed that Cynthia Luster (her stage name) was really Farrah Cat in Bioman.  So why she did Filipino films wasn't really known except it was said her career "dried up" in Hong Kong then again during the 90s, Andy Lau had a duet with Sharon Cuneta and Regine Velasquez with Jacky Cheung.  Some Filipinos didn't immediately recognize her as the actress playing Farrah Cat as they watched that really inaccurately done Bioman dub in their childhood.

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