Ami Kawaii as Lamie in Zyuranger

Well I've done with Reiko Chiba as Mei, now it's time to do some Ami Kawaii as Scorpina ahem Lamie in Zyuranger.  So far, just a little bit of tidbit was that Scorpina mysterious disappeared more often times than not in MMPR was because shew as solely based on footage involving Ami Kawaii who had too many scenes with the civilian Zyurangers.  Now moving on, I'd like to talk about her stinger role in Zyuranger.  Stinger get it?

Ami Kawaii's character of Lamie was this- a beautiful woman with a monstrous inside (literally), a fierce enemy of the Zyurangers, mistress of deceit and the faithful wife of Bandora's faithful right hand Griforther.  She really knows when to get lovey dovey and when to get oh so fierce.  Made me think she shows why you can't mess up with Lamie!  Hee hee, I just loved her fight scenes against the Zyurangers.  As for that picture with the late Soga Machiko, tears. =(

Best scene?  Like if Mei's was during the "Seven Metamorphoses" I'd also give that credit to Ami Kawaii as well for thet really awesome fighting scene.  So she knows how to blend into the crowd as an innocent girl then we are convinced she is provoked by Mei.  Hee hee, made me think that the fight scene between Reiko Chiba and Ami Kawaii in that episode is too much a classic, hee hee hee!


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