Ayumi Kinoshita as Jasmine in Dekaranger

Well it's time for another Henshin hottie but this time, tears.  Ha ha.  But I'd say as a fan of Ayumi Kinoshita and being so happy for her for her marriage, I'd like to really give tribute to her earlier days when she was Jasmine that hot chick in Dekaranger.  The character is basically a nice girl, calm, collected and mysterious at times.  I think it'll be rude for me not to do a role analysis of her as a belated wedding gift.

I just thought in Dekaranger her display of emotions was one of the best things about her.  I thought Ayumi Kinoshita had that "aura" whenever she did that mind-reading scene which was annoyingly accompanied by a narrator who doesn't know when to keep quiet.

I also like her tough girl look throughout that show.  Despite being an elegant woman, Ayumi Kinoshita shows why you shouldn't mess with Jasmine.  At the same time, she can be funny when she needed to be funny.

Just had a thought she was far less serious in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger and Ayumi Kinoshita married to portray her right. =)


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