Haruka Suenaga as Sakura Nishihori in Boukenger

Well it's time to analyze Haruka Suenaga's role as Sakura Nishihori a.k.a. the defrosting ice queen.  I am yet to do an analysis on Mika Katsumura as Yuuri, I'll focus on one of my favorite pinks.  Pretty much, she can portray the character that's totally different from the real her. =P

Well I'd say the actress has done some action scenes which I find impressive.  Best scene?  I might credit it to the machine gun scene in Boukenger episode 12.  Pretty much, I enjoyed the tougher side of her but that didn't mean I didn't enjoy the funnier side of her.  Just a sidenote: made me think she and Kanako Maeda could have played as mom/daughter in one episode.

See what I mean?  I thought Haruka Suenaga did the defrosting ice queen part well although the script itself isn't that good.  Just made me think the actress does get unintentionally funny at times.  In Boukenger The Movie, I thought her character in fear displayed some very funny faces. XD

She had an interesting chemistry with Mitsuomi Takahashi who played as Satoru Akashi.  Made me think that despite the hanging ending, the two did have a chemistry.

Later she had a fight scene with Yuka Hirata in Gekiranger vs. Boukenger.  I found that scene good though I wish she had JAC's better skills but it was still good.  Overall, I think she has potential too bad she hasn't had many lead roles these days.


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