Hayato Tani as Sanjuro Sugata in Hikari Sentai Maskman

Here's my response to Fantasy Leader's post on Toku quality acting.  Awesome post!  Now it's time to evaluate the legendary Hayato Tani in his role as the mentor of the Hikari Sentai Maskman team.  I've remembered seeing him in Takeshi's Castle, now it's time to "Aura Power" get what I mean?  Well, Hayato Tani as we know him is a bad ass martial artist and a very good actor which may be one of the reasons why I myself see him to be very classic.  In fact, he really could inspire everyone to be better by just mere words while he is not a man of words but action.

It was really nice to see him as the every supporting mentor of the Maskman team.  In fact, he really could interact with each and every one of them in a special way being able to bring out the acting in everyone. Made me think it's very hard to find somebody like him.  I really had my thoughts that even if this will be a very short post due to him not being the focus, but still it's wrong not to pay tribute to this iconic role.  To be honest, this role made me wish he were acting as Jii in Shinkenger though Goro Ibuki is still a good actor to play the role though.


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