Jerry Yan as Dao Ming Si/Doumyoji Tsukasa in Meteor Garden I and II

Well it's time to do Jerry Yan's most iconic role as Dao Ming Si.  So it was his first role and it was a lead role, yeah and he starred alongside with Barbie Xu who's now happily married.  So far, what did I think of it?  Dao Ming Si is not an easy character to play as- he's a jerk with a nice side.  Playing jerks with heart of gold roles are never easy- that is despite his character being arrogant, he does have a nice side nonetheless.

I thought that he really knew how to make every aspect of Doumyoji Tsukasa come to life in a much better way than the Anime series or the Japanese live version can ever do.  No offense but I don't think Jun Matsumoto can ever match Jerry Yan's acting ability.  Letting the character of Doumyoji Tsukasa every complex side come out from being a jerk to being a nice guy is not an easy job.  As far as concerned, he really managed to let every side in the two seasons.  In the second season, caught in between his real him and the amnesiac him is a very challenging role and yet Jerry Yan managed to complete the whole set.   I liked how he played the conflicting two selves of Dao Ming Si.

Overall, you are dead if you can't see just how great his performance is and that red tag will be on your locker LOL.  Hmmm I might do an analysis on Zhen Xiu Zhen as Kaede Doumyoji next.


  1. I am a Meteor Garden Fanatic since 10 years ago and until now! I feel like 10 years younger because it's aired again on ABS-CBN. The Meteor Garden F4 are still cuties by the way, especially my greatest crush Jerry Yan. Yeheyyyyy!


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