Junya Ikeda as Gai Ikari in Gokaiger

Well I guess it's time for another tribute post in this blog for Fantasy Leader.  Now it's time to focus on Junya Ikeda who was cast as the Gokaiger's sixth member Gai Ikari.  But he wasn't just a blatant silly character, in fact he really does kick ass.  Okay I'll probably write a spotlight on his character in my Super Sentai blog but I'm kinda obsessed with role analysis as of right now and maybe I'll do some role analysis on Chinese and Korean celebrities next.

The portrayal of his character required a balance of seriousness and comedy.  So his backstory isn't funny considering that he supposedly died and was brought back to life, or was hit by a truck, survived and was near death but was revived by Burai, Mikoto and Naoto.  So regardless, Junya Ikeda did a good job playing the role of Gai Ikari.  He's funny when he's needed to be funny and kickass when he's needed to be kickass.

Well he does have some good interaction.  I wonder if he and Yui Koike could act as a couple in any J-Drama?  Hee hee hee.  But he does have some really cool interaction with his cast members.

Best moment of Junya Ikeda?  It was in Gokaiger 34 when he teamed up with Keichi Wada and they both did some fight scenes together with his own stunts.  Sideline, I wished this episode had Toshihide Wakamatsu instead of Keichi Wada (thus making a Marvelous/Ryou team up instead) fighting with Junya Ikeda.  Oh well, but he was still awesome nonetheless that Chris X commented on my Super Sentai blog (which I may not update as much now as I used to) that the episode was really good even if he's not a huge Dairanger fan like I am.  That episode puts the actor to the test a lot for me with being serious then being kickass.  The fact he does his own stunts makes him an awesome actor.

Overall, this guy revealed his potential to be better, hopefully he'll get a real lead role soon but sadly he really got wasted in Super Hero Taisen. XP

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