Munemaru Kouda as Doctor Man in Bioman

FOR THE MAN!  Well I guess it's time to talk more focused on the late Munemaru Kouda's role as Doctor Man in Bioman before I'd talk about his not so extensively used character of Gorma XV.  So what's so special about this role as Doctor Man?  Considering the actor's age, he's obviously an aging man, he really knew how to play as an old mad scientist who dresses up like some villain in Macross but can't cross on my mind who =P.  Now what's so special about this guy?  Thinking about it he's got some awesome cast members such as Hirohisa Nakata to play as Mason, the late Yuko Asuka to play as Farrah, Yukari Oshima to play as Farrah Cat and Strong Kobayashi to play as Monster (another interesting entry perhaps).  If anybody knows what films he has played prior to this, please comment!  Made me think that his really badass villainy as an evil scientist is one of the few things that scared me as a child!

So what's so special about him?  It's practically that he's really the show stealer and perhaps the only notable villain for many of the viewers.  Made me think that one of the freakiest roles that Doctor Man had was his constant desire to get rid of his humanity.  Munemaru Kouda demonstrated all that traits of Doctor Man rather well especially during that massive reconstruction that his character became a full robot.  Ouch!  But really, made me think also that during the arcs focusing on the Prince who was Doctor Man's mechanical "son" and the appearance of Shuichi his real son, the actor manages to show the character's inner conflict which continues.

Best scene played?  Made me think that Doctor Man's death was one of the most powerful villain deaths in Super Sentai when he was struggling between his pride and humanity.  In fact, in that scene the character's son Shuichi was prodding him to stop the Anti-Bio Bomb before the world blows to pieces.  In fact, that dying scene for me was so well played especially when he made his last request to the Biomen to grant his son's last wish before Doctor Man finally blows up.


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