Reiko Chiba's Role as Mei in Zyuranger

Here's another role analysis in Zyuranger.  First I don't want any bad comments about her or Amy Jo Johnson here, they both did their parts well and second, remember this is not a hate blog.  I am merely here to analyze her role and show why in my opinion she did better though the latter still did good.  Moving on, it's time to analyze Mei.  I thought that she herself should appear in Kamen Rider Wizard as the mother of the twin sisters both played by Erina Nakayama.

So what's so special about Reiko Chiba as Mei?  So never mind the fact she sounds so squeaky and childlike, let's take a look at how awesome she is.  Made me think she really can kick ass even while out of suit.  It just got better when Ami Kawaii entered into the scene as Lami (known to U.S. fans as Scorpina in MMPR) and both did their awesome fight scenes.  But aside from fighting, she really knows how to do her cry scenes properly especially when it involves huge dramatic moments and her chemistry with the others.  I really love her use of actual, real martial arts when out of suit showing she's just no pretty face.

In the episode "Mei's Seven Metamorphoses" she fought against Ami Kawaii in a disguise battle.  Pretty much, she shows how much kickass she is in dealing with Lami.  Made me think that both Ami Kawaii and Reiko Chiba in that episode were kickass.  I might as well do an analysis on Lami as well.  I would say that was where she was most awesome in Zyuranger showing her acting ability to act as seven different personality types all in one show!


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