Soga Machiko as Witch Bandora in Zyuranger

Well perhaps her most iconic role... Westerners who watched MMPR will know her as Rita Repulsa while not really knowing much about her character as Witch Bandora in Zyuranger.  I really thought while watching Zyuranger and hearing her voice, I'd say she's an awesome actress.  In fact, Soga Machiko's voice for me is one of the best notable voices ever in Tokusatsu history.  My tears fall every time I remember this actress... she reminded me of my favorite auntie who died from pancreatic cancer.  To all who have watched MMPR, please watch Zyuranger to see how awesome she is if you haven't.

I guess nobody can forget this familiar scene can they?  Hee hee.  I just thought that she was really one of those best big bads and her role as a bitch I mean witch is really one of the best in Tokusatsu history.  Remember when MMPR was dubbed in Japan, she also revoiced Rita Repulsa.  She also had her iconic song "Dora, the Song of Witch Bandora."

I don't know if Bandora is ever really nightmare fuel to children but I thought that she does a very convincing job showing us she's a witch who hates children for some stupid reason that's not revealed until later.  She really does a good job in her being evil yet funny at the same time, though whenever she is needed for nightmare fuel, she does shift so easily.  I thought the scenes where she does her scene to summon Dai Satan from Hell.

Yup maybe children were probably afraid to meet her in person back then!  But she's a really nice person and too bad I never got the chance to meet her because of her death. =(  But as far as concerned, she does nightmare fuel pretty good for me.  Plenty of these scenes were removed in MMPR due to the Japanese civilians involved as well as TV censorship ratings in America.

Well, she manages to do Bandora's occasional headaches right.  I thought they were one of the funniest scenes Soga Machiko did in her career as an actress.  Her headache scenes were infamously repeatedly rewinded in MMPR.

Perhaps her best scene in Zyuranger was when she showed despite her being a bitch I mean witch (pardon the language again), is where she displays Bandora's emotions when her son Kai died a second time.  I thought that was a really hard scene to do!

So far, I'd just like to say RIP Soga Machiko, you're terribly missed.


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