Suzuka Morita as Kotoha Hanaori in Shinkenger

Well if I'm done writing a tribute to That Chick in some way, maybe I'll write another tribute for that awesome dude of a Tokusatsu critic known as the Fantasy Leader with this... Suzuka Morita as Kotoha Hanaori.  So what did I think of her role there?  I won't talk about her character but how she managed to play the character of Kotoha, making me think, "She should of all actresses be a live version of Misao for Rurouni Kenshin."

She's not exactly the best actress but she comes out very natural.  So she's not badass, so what?  But I'd give credit to how natural Suzuka Morita acted her role.  So far, she's got that childlike innocence that makes her fun to watch especially when she plays a character who can endure Mako's dreadful cooking.  For one, being the youngest cast member, she does show much promise which I think she has.  Every focus episode of her especially the episode where Tori Matsuzaka acted as her butler had her being herself.

Overall, I think Suzuka Morita's performance as she brings the bright and cheery Kotoha to life.  Now I would really wish she can play as Misao for any Rurouni Kenshin role because she'll be able to do the character better than she had done her good job as Kotoha.


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