Takashi Hagino as Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja in Kamen Rider Ryuki

ouja from ryuki
Well it's time for a tribute to one of the greatest Tokusatsu villains Takashi Hagino.  Okay he was the primary protagonist in Changerion, in Kamen Rider Ryuki is role is anything but heroic as he plays the really cruel character, that SOB and sadistic villain Takeshi Asakura.  So the character killed his family at the age of 13, he later kills his brother out of cold blood when he found him alive and Takashi Hagino executes them really well.  So I thought that his interaction with the other cast members as a villain was so well done, he's probably a legend in Tokusatsu-dom.  His appearance in episode 17 marked the appearance of this awesome actor into the Rider War cast as Takeshi/Ouja.  For me, he really can act well like Jun Yoshida did in acting Bilgenia.

If anything I can say is that acting a role like Takeshi Asakura/Ouja requires a really good actor and Takashi Hagino got what it has to play such a role.  To think of it, I thought every scene from the time he was in jail to the time he escapes, then whenever he's fighting out of suit or when he does dialogue he makes nightmare fuel come to life that easily.  He's got the "Mess with me and I'll kill you." look which really makes him scary, I wish he really did crime and suspense movies.

He manages to define "deadly" in playing the role of Takeshi Asakura.  See that look?  Really I love it whenever he gets scary- he really knows how to play the sole of a serial killer.  Plus, he gets kickass whenever needed.  It shows he wasn't relying too much on stuntman Jiro Okamoto (who played as Ouja's suit actor) and plus he keeps all his dialogues of darkness consistent.  Oh yeah, I would say he is SCARIER than Jun Yoshida with that rape face he's showing now.

Even his most calm moments still deliver a chill to the spine.  See that look?  Made me think he really defines the term "snake eyes" considering his character uses a cobra for a motif.  Overall, you don't mess with Takashi Hagino and get away with it!


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